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A programmer interested in functional things. Carrot mistress. No stopping till scalies are topping. Overall just having fun here. Let's be friends!

Thing I'm working on right now: /

@hj @lain put this in an issue somewhere, i might do it when im in a mood to live
@hj @lain i don't even care anymore, some better programmer should do this, no way i'm doing anything for pleroma alone again
@hj @lain someone should just rewrite the whole system at this point

if there are so many changes needed, no way anyone's gonna read all of that anyway

i'll just go die
@hj @lain alright, i found another typo, but i'll wait till you finish reading and then fix it with whatever you find.
hey @lain

the emoji pack extended universe article is ready
proofread it, if you have the time, and i hope then it'll be good for publising on the blog
@solidsanek doing some work probably.. on a new prototype, that probably won't ever come out anyway.. eh..
@pea @hj @Deiru Morrowind, it's really cool and sometimes crazy, and sometimes broken, and also has a lot of strange quirks
@lain pretty good. I had cucumber lemonade and it was good..
I guess I'll write "how to create custom pleroma emoji packs: the extended universe" today, and make it as full as possible
@hj @Feuerfuchs either that or host a manifest file generated for you automatically from an archive hosted by you somewhere, and host that file anywhere you want, then anyone can use it with the -m option. I've someone did that but o haven't seen it. And yes, packs are just zip archives with any structure you want, it includes all files from the archive and you can then edit the manifest to remove the unnecessary files. It's automated as much as possible.

it boils down to running mix pleroma.emoji gen-pack <your-pack-url> and hosting the two output files somewhere. One command.

but I bet you're still gonna say something salty :^)
@hj @Feuerfuchs it's not centralized, one can have their own packs and local packs, come on
>wanted to back the game on kickstarter
>all the "get the hame cheaper" tiers are out
>the minimum tier with the game is now 20$