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I'm a soft girl, gamedev, artist, all around cutie! I do my best to be a safe, friendly person ❤

I guess I'm gonna be staying in the matrix cause the pill I plan to take tonight looks like the blue pill x u x
aaaaa being named butterfly makes me so happy
I'm a trans lesbian so for pride month I got those flags in my profile picture ~
pikachu... more like... like... pikachump[nods like shes clever]
tonight we're watching Beetlejuice, another movie my sister hasn't seen yet >w< is been awhile since I saw it, but I enjoyed it >w<my sister wants to be a character from it for halloween, so we're making her actually see the movie first hehehe >w<
I've got too many amiibos now, I have to keep them all in two separate places @u@
when people say they don't like when lgbt people "make it their entire personality", what they mean is, they don't like when they have to see and think about lgbt stuff that often
I find it amusing that some people have 3D printing as their hobby from the standpoint of imagining like, someone having an ink printer as their hobbylike oh yea, I just like to print stuff out, thats my hobby
its called 'artificial difficulty' when you don't add any challenge and only add inconvenienceI studied the topic for my capstone project in high school hehe >w<
the hero mode in Link's Awakening remake is difficulty via inconvenience, it makes you take more damage and also so that you don't find any health drops so you can only heal with potions, or heart pieces/containers
ooh, the Dreamer Edition of Link's Awakening seems to have a special back cover~
what if they announced a new Pokemon, but its just exactly like Farfetch'd, but it has a different name and they act like its a brand new concept they just came up with
me: alayna butterfly does not say fuck u.ume: *said it less than an hour ago*me: oh fuck,
I love this picture because it was clearly made by someone who was, for some reason, really like, salty about the design of the DS and it having more than one screen xux ;
I noticed that chimpanzees and humans have basically exact opposite brain cavity size to mouth/jaw size ratio, so we're like chimpanzees, but with more space put into thinking and less space put into biting
DOOM 3 is a 0/10 game, this panel says 'locked' but the door opens
who would win in a fight, phoenix wright or spyro
@pea the story in that game is very important to me and changed my lifeI really played it as the right time in my life for it to really resonate with me and change me for the better, hehethe main character and I kinda grew alongside each other and it was really nice
anyway, the list of favorites, off the top of my head, is: Super Mario RPG, the Mario & Luigi series, The World Ends With You, and Earthbound
my favorite RPGs are also never strictly turn based, the ones I love always have something unique, usually that gives you more agency in the situationlike Earthbound, which is the one on my list that's most strictly turn based, has the rolling counter thing
the only exception is Pokemon, but now they've been removing random encounters from that, too, which I really like
something I realized the other night is, none of the RPGs that I consider my favorites, have random encountersI have to conclude that random encounters are always a strong negative for me in an RPG
remember that part in Harry Potter, when they were trapped in the basement, and Harry just did a million somersaults all over the place
I took a picture of this fairy and bunnies because it seems very on brand for me
oh, nothing out of the ordinary here, just some meat hanging from the ceiling, perfectly normal, everyday thing
signal boosting this!! very important if you have joy cons, you will probably want to do this with themI will be sending all four of mine in, I think, much better plan than buying a brand new set @u@
I met a cat todaytwice I said to him "hi, cat" and both times he meowed to me in responsealso he loved being petted by me, he was leaning his head on my hand
I have created what Nintendo refused to for Super Mario Maker 2: Weird Luigi, Weird Toad, and Weird Toadette
Electric Prune Juice games are on sale 40% off now until July 1st!Or, you can get both games (Marshmallow in Fruit Land and Super Climb Up) together and save extra! It's a great way to pick them up if you haven't gotten them yet!