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23yr | he/him | professional, everything else hobby ( ) | fuck outta here sailor moon

Will stream making a multi-microblogging (Fedi/maybe Twitter/etc.) web client completely from scratch in a few minutes
asdadljaskdjalskdjasldkaTYPO3 has default fields for localisations:
- l10n_*some extension developer decided it would be cool not to use the default fields and literally wrote
- l18n_*localitionalisation???????????????????
speaking of useful features, "Hide Replies" is like the worst idea they had in a's maybe cool for a sec to silence some hate/troll in the replies, but I moreso have seen it as a living ground for people that repost content to silence the people that call them outperfect!
@absturztaube > dev env
> no error message
> not even a stack trace"guess I'll die"
@absturztaube > dev env
> no error message
> not even a stack trace"guess I'll die"
"Something went wrong" my favorite error message!
Live now, continuing the research and reverse engineering I started yesterday!
streaming is fun, just wish I had more viewers to interact with ; w ;
still love my instance logo/header stuff
I've seen so many people talk about trick and treating and this place is literally a ghost town--
@314 @wlp3s0 thaaat also can use that.but Pleromo uses a highly adjust version of what Quitter was, basically.
@wlp3s0 There is another ActivityPub-powered software, Pleroma, that uses the Quitter frontend mainly, which really looks like old style Twitter!
Deutsche Bahn:"You have almost an hour of transfer time at Frankfurt Central Station"Also Deutsche Bahn:"But with our delays, you'll miss your follow-up train regardless"Replacement train was fast enough to catch up with my original train tho???? oof
@fence yeah, and it's hilarious once you figure out that german json keys are breaking your codebecause you never, ever, ever expect someone to do this
@fence reminds me of the API that I once had to deal with that sent out localized keys inside the json response if you were logged in or not.
"you've reached your device activation limit" is definitely a thing you want to read for software you paid for 🤔
really should get started on doing Hacktoberfest stuff, really want to get the shirt this time--
@calv yeah, you can request your data in your Privacy settings and you get a bunch of json files, one set being tracked location data where the location is not exactly accurate, but they basically record any nearby PoI to you at that time.
Discord: saves basically every step you take with a mobile phone and records all PoIs near you into a neat listalso Discord: can't save your notification preference across environments
@absturztaube I'm quite fine, still recovering a bit from my cold, but otherwise I'm good-- sitting at work rn~
Talking with @nerurin12 right now.N: "So I wanted to buy a headset and I looked for some and found this Razer"Me: "Is it the pink gamer girl one"N: "YES EXACTLY"it was so easy, so easy to figure this one out.
So, in my absence on here, a group of friends and I actually have started a survival Minecraft server.And let me tell you, @nilsding is a madman.