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only 00's kids will understand this
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hi fedi. it is now official: to greet another fedi user irl, you must shove garlic bread into their mouth. please keep this in mind for future fedi meetups. thank you.

@fribbledom actually my reason to leave arch was "i like to get things done" lol
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Moving to a static site gen instead of just using html was a mistake. HTML is a mistake itself. The web is a mistake.

@dtluna it was just like i expected it to be: huge drama about nothing
@snacks @lucy you need to multiply f(x) with every element in the parantheses in the second equation to get the first one. was that the question?
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The Life Story of An American Student in 2 Pics

@piratenpartei die xr aktivisten, die behaupten, dass man angst spüren muss, lachen immer am breitesten in die kameras
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If you are edible, don't mess with Gordon Ramsay

@Dee but this is what's supposed to happen to memes D:
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just wanna say thanks to everyone that works on pleroma

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and now here is a 2 year old child to speak to the UN about the climate crisis

>goo goo ba ba
>[standing ovation]

@dtluna @foxhkron lol, anarchists and theit "weapons" :youtube_shit_lul: