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@thatbrickster that's what I mean. in our economy, Expedia handle by far the majority of travel arrangements. millions would be fucked
@irl although it appears that Expedia's UK branch does offer ATOL protection
@irl in the North American economic zone we do not have anything like ATOL guarantee :)
@thatbrickster it appears they simply ran out of money citing brexit as the main driver for loss. whether that is true or not is debatable, but perhaps a preview of what is to come in a no-deal brexit scenario?
@thatbrickster if Expedia shuttered the US and Canadian governments would have no choice but to bail them out tbh
Thomas Cook is like Europe's equivalent to Expedia or something?
correlation does not equal causation, and other lessons the fediverse could stand a refresher course on
i would like to just point out that pigtail braids are not inherently nazi
@mngrif that's cornrows. pigtails are where you have two braided ponytails - one on each side.
@jmgresham @hydris

i'm pretty sure that "i invented computing as we now know it" will continue to award him some hefty speaking fees.
@portpupper @moonman (and i don't really agree with using this an excuse. there were plenty of reasons to cycle him out at FSF.)
@portpupper @moonman

I did outline some ways RMS has failed in his duty as head of the FSF but did not comment on his conduct at MIT. I don't agree with his conduct at MIT either however.

to me this seems like was an opportunistic excuse to eject him
"now with 5G Evolution: the first step to 5G"

oh, fuck you AT&T. fuck you a lot.
@spookywitch i don't really care about 5G, but i do care about companies outright lying about what they are offering
i mean, whatever you think about's admin, i don't think it is a "white nationalist terrorist organization"
@toast i said a blockchain, not a distributed blockchain. think more like git, not like bitcoin.
tired: lets emulate a blockchain of linked data objects (Pleroma IR)

wired: lets just shove linked data objects in an actual blockchain
@dtluna @toast it's the best way to do it since the fediverse is an open world system
@dtluna @toast IR is just a specific normalization of AS2 and AP vocabularies. or in other words, it's just a collection of JSON blobs in the normal linked-data way
@toast yes, i plan to write a conversion tool, since i want to migrate to it when it's ready.