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♥programming shota eboy♥

age: old enough (16)

interests: video games, anime, programming, and reading

♥here to make friends♥

they showed a Hibiki Euphonium trailer in the theater lol
watching an English pokemon ad and they pronounce pokemon so weird
@sjw @xeno
>racial slurs
>funtbh its stuff like this that makes people dislike free speech advocates
@L nope... I dont have any consoles...
@L uhhh is the game graphics intensive bc I don't have the best laptop....
always weird how my perceptions of online people change when I see a picture of them
in vc with people and their like"PRY UR CHERRY BLUE KEYBOARD"
windows desktop is getting messy again......
@essie @xeno >losershut up you arentur good lall mommy
@xeno its a joke :Palso i rlly dont like the idea of smoking and im asthmatic so thats a rlly shitty idea(serious response to a joke ik ik but why not)
gettin' in on the bathwater trend early and am selling refreshing pry bathwater
really havent been reading much recently...
@rin I saw fortnite nerf guns at target lol
@wizard i downloaded their remix of Tyler the Creator's Yonkerslol