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It's your BOY. Even on new instances I will shove Idolm@ster down your throat.
Today's lucky item is Halo.

The unlucky item is Halo 4.
@shpuld Gin? Pure alcohol, not to my taste but no one else is drinking it and I want it out of my freezer.
I'm like 9 shots of gin in, ask me anything.
Got a lot of work done this week, three heavy weapons teams, one command squad, and three tanks. Only thing left is the Chimera. Yes this is the Apocalypse Box that was recently released.
45 hours into Fire Emblem Three houses and I'm halfway through my first playthrough.
The game is long.
@shpuld I've played for about 2 hours and it feels like I'm near the end. I don't think it's terribly long.