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Got 16 caddies and 29 rolls.
Fuck the shoes, I transcended the sole.
I really am psychotically protective of Karen, aren't I
Haha I only hang this picture of Hitler on my wall to deter unintelligent people, I'm as cool as Zizek, symbols don't matter
@karen You think about me just as much as I think about you, it's really sweet <3
@karen @alayna Karen the shiekah technology girl just repaired my tablet so now I can go and find the FMV of your ass and watch it over and over
@ihavebigtits Yeah totally, being like, prize money esports level at a game for castrated Korean monks is definite otaku territory compared to being like, a Star Wars fan
It's weird how being a "nerd" now means being a pop culture zombie (and it IS the popular culture, it IS the mainstream) instead of being like, the western equivalent of an "otaku" (in the literal sense, an obsessive about something; a train otaku is an otaku too)
@karen Didn't you only see her (and get annoyed at her) yesterday
@karen :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3

That's what you get when you ignore a playful tiger!
You just KNOW they were PATHETIC messages too, like "p-please don't kiss him k-karen...."
Fortunately she's into speedrunning and all the male speedrunners are weenies
That said, if any FGC guys go *near* my sister, I'll kill them.
For the record, being in the FGC is the most Chad way to be an Otaku

Hats off to those guys, I do NOT have the time and care to invest in that, big unironic respect to those who do
@karen *licks lips* Turn those dead eyes in my direction girl and give me some of that anima connection and I'll help you
@karen It's worth it, the last thing you want is to crack the actual pot
@karen A popular fan genderswap of Ky Kiske, who is like the Ken to the Ryu of Sol Badguy (only because Guilty Gear is for Chads, they play nothing alike whatsoever - they're both quite simple to play by GG standards though.)

Sol was one of the scientists who created the Gears in the first place, using himself as a test subject - successfully. He's immortal and a few hundred years old, so he's had time to get very disillusioned. Ky is just an extremely skilled Knight who fought alongside Sol in the Holy War against the gears, eventually becoming King after humanity's victory.

Sol left the Order over inevitable ideological differences - he'd only been there to try and correct his mistake in the first place and never liked their lawful methods.

This is why Ky has "HOPE" scratched into his belt, but Sol has "FREE."

The loli I posted is Dizzy, Sol's gear daughter. Ky actually ends up marrying her and having a son, Sin Kiske..... Who drifts away from his father and becomes the protégé of his grandfather, Sol.

Guilty Gear family trees are as confusing as ours.
Imagine being such an ineffectual fucking loser that you try to send reports about fedi accounts

Who cares
Fucking stupid little bitch
We're basically all on our own instances or instances our friends run

This is the death of law and order. Here there is only tribe and nepotism. Fucking deal with it, Lawful Pussy.
@karen Please drown me in your combined hair, orange and lemon
@waifu FUCK I can't find that picture of a girl's fist punching a pikachu plush
Karen has seen how silly and playful Alice actually is in person so she understands this
>Be a grown responsible adult woman
>Walk around the house picking up random objects and making them waddle over to your husband as though they're walking around
>"They love you....."
>Make them randomly assault him and bash into him and make distressed little animal noises
@karen Aren't we all? What's the price of existence?
@karen I didn't imply it whatsoever, I thought I'd made it clear that Zelda in her various complimentary and contradictory aspects explores, in many ways.... Well, all of you. Its hilarious how the more I mock gnostics, the more I ironically appropriate their silly concepts. She's essentially an anima.
@karen It's basically exactly what you said and then you left my cute picture on read....
"Please stop appreciating me in slightly the wrong way" - Karen 2019
@kurisu Hats off to him for keeping his promise though
@sampo God having access to that forest must be amazing tbh