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@rylee @Majkatsu You'd be surprised. Exercise alone won't sort out someone who eats like shit, true, but let's say someone with a caloric requirement of 3000 calories per day is eating 2400 on a calorie controlled diet. That's a 20% deficit, which is pretty standard for good weight loss progress.

Now let's say he swims for an hour. I don't have my calculators on me but a larger man swimming at moderate intensity (elevated heart rate and slight panting but no oxygen debt) can burn about 200 calories in an hour, if I recall correctly.

Now, he's eaten 2400/3200 calories, since the energy requirement for the day went up to reflect his more vigorous than usual activity. That's now a 25% calorie deficit instead of a 20% one - a huge difference in weight loss terms. (I recommend a deficit of no more than 30% for sustainable long term weight loss.)

Meanwhile his cardiovascular health has increased, his muscles have strengthened and he's had an endorphin release, not to mention the arguable effect on his metabolism. Statistically and psychologically, he is now much more likely to keep losing weight diligently without giving up.

Basically, a little exercise goes a long way.
@waifu Is he a boi who tries that "uwu i'm so safe and cute haha feminise me" shit on girls?
@karen Maybe one day my sister will just finally come and give me all the cuddles I need...
Everyone, please welcome @bloopiest to the fediverse!

She's one of my oldest surviving internet friends. We go back a long way. She's a fantastic artist, and you can gently bully her for being Brazilian.

Say hello!
@pea Good. I'm glad you finally got this. I was sick of watching you play wagie in coffee shops, you're better than that. Good job.
@karen Well what do you expect if you bail on conversations instead of finishing them?
@chumii @karen @pie I have experienced most of my own abandonment through others getting bored of me when they realise how coherent (and thus, predictable) my psychology is.

Second place is being abandoned for being a man in a world where only girlchildren are permitted to be admired, to be interesting, and to dream.
@pie @karen You're basically both making the same point. Perhaps it's so. But it still means we all have thresholds.

I wonder where those thresholds of abandonment lie.
There is no such thing as absolute loyalty. If I simply lay down and gave up, I would be eventually discarded even by those who love me most.

Taking this as true, we can posit that all loyalty has a breaking point.

So why there, and not at a smaller misstep?
@amy No, Lili agreed he was jealous of blonde attention!
@amy Is this the jealous guy who notices you fawning over my DMs?
@karen I'm glad I told her to kill herself (on your laptop)