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Profile description is bloat 0xA5019175D3227DA3, 0xE3C670ABEFAB16C5; F729F878 6389F4F1 DFD3FC95 B47565F5 A0470983. Posts under CC0 unless noted otherwise, you damned autist.
@dwaltiz @Dolus @hj no, they dropped support for heretic, hexen and strife a while back. It was tolerable before.

Sad, isn't it? Choco is just a game though, it's fine so far.
@hj @Dolus @Kro @mono @nepfag saw some mobage before I associated it with Romero. No clue, probably not going to play it given that Romero is running on soy too.
@xeno Saturn original, while superior, is in moonrunes only. The PAL port of PS1 Grandia is good though. The games are not connected to each other but Grandia II has a very different tone than the first game - IMO it's worse off because of that, with the original reigning supreme.
@Dolus @nepfag @Kro @hj @mono it's using Graf Zahl's pile of faeces, I'll still pass

Hide modern game threads.
Ignore modern game posts.
Do not buy modern games.
@nepfag @Dolus @Kro it's likely because of 3D Realms oversight, the devs were rather critical of doping newborn toddlers with hormones and said something along the lines of trannyism being a mental illness.

Shocking, innit?
@Dolus >the game pandering to Duke3D fanbase
Note the last sentence too wwwwww
@xeno it is~ They're releasing remastered port of the first game based nominally on PS1 port but with team implementing peculiarities of the Saturn original.

Also here:
@kaniini @thatbrickster @xj9 as is the race for graphical fidelity. Granted, it was like that back in the day too but it was contained by lack of internet access and, in case of my region, a near universal lack of money for cutting edge hardware and software which led to a deeper appreciation for older games (and piracy but that's where CD Projekt really made lots of money - they had a line of cheap older games sold in blue boxes for a fraction of the market price, those games were really popular since children could generally afford them; note that was pre-EU accession so generally we still would get lower game prices than in the West, and it was still ungodly expensive). Seeing gamers lose their minds at latest shiny beads while dismissing anything older than two years is embarrassing.
@kaniini you must hold gamers in high regard - to grant them a dignified, humanitarian demise
@kaniini you must hold gamers in high regard - to grant them a dignified, humanitarian demise
@quad I keep wondering whether a toaster is a good purchase or not
@thatbrickster @kaniini @xj9 I stopped on Wee with very few exceptions made (for example for Neps), mostly out of sheer butthurt about Soyny and Other OS removal, then I decided I'm not interested in the raise of microtransactions. Seeing current day gamers lapping faeces up happily makes me think it was a good move.
@xj9 @kaniini they've been raising up about it since 2015… while still buying triple A games which use idpol for cheap marketing.

Hide modern game threads.
Ignore modern game posts.
Do not buy modern games.
I bought some peanuts, should I partake?
@hj @nepfag pls steal raymoo taking it easy emoticon ;;;;;;
@kura @nepfag yep, author also dunks on GPL's over-verbosity too
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* "THE BEER-WARE LICENSE" (Revision 42):
* <phk@FreeBSD.ORG> wrote this file. As long as you retain this notice you
* can do whatever you want with this stuff. If we meet some day, and you think
* this stuff is worth it, you can buy me a beer in return Poul-Henning Kamp
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
@nepfag how much would you look down on me if I released a tool under ISC cuck loicence?
@icameheretoawoo @igeljaeger @kura please don't spill it needlessly on the dusty ground, every joy is sacred ;;
@dirb @Botbot still, since she was on the list: part of KOS-MOS' appeal was how uncannily inhuman or human (depending on the situation) she seemed despite her body being made to look as human as possible
@dirb @Botbot >draw a girl
>call it a boy
>add benis
>instant fujoshit shekels
@dirb @Botbot oi, Mahoro dindu nuffin

They're basically onaholes though, why do you dislike them?
@lanodan also tfw using mine mostly through httpd so technically these particular issues don't concern me
@lanodan it's not exactly a big issue unless some fucker decides to crash svnserve during a check-in transaction, I guess
@lanodan btw regarding outdated: A distribution which is released when stable and not according to a fixed schedule. Every release of Slackware Linux is thoroughly tested by the Slackware team and the community. Slackware places high value on stability rather than the “newness” or “freshness” of software.A distribution which abides by the common-sense dictum “if it's not broken, don't fix it.”
@lanodan I just stole SlackBuild from current (it's latest on there) and only modified it to build without KDE bloat. It did require introducing a new library but this should be fine — 15.0 will have it regardless so I'm good.
tfw upgrading SVN because Slackware 14.2 has version 1.9.7