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Profile description is bloat 0x5C65BC1E6ED1B8B9, 0xE3C670ABEFAB16C5; 8434C429 D705F2BB CBA307CB A623E95C 3E362172
@Olivia @rin *when Mastodon™ Social Network® was invented
@brad @tija @hfaust >real mayo made with cage free eggs
eh? they put cages inside eggs in freedomland?! i thought you liked freedom over there?!
@rin it's probably bloat :rokalife: but it is useful…
Consider how he's been trying to treat that cute revolt now — by proprietary solutions that implement only a smol subset of HTML.Get to writing those tables! Make him cry!
Daily reminder that if Masadong doesn't properly support rich text formatting, the logical thing to do is to use formatting everywhere so elephant molesters start complaining to their upstream more and more about broken posts.You won't achieve anything through other means since gargamel is not a reasonable person.
@lanodan tbh it's like this for me (in gross oversimplification): SCCS > RCS > CVS >> SVN >>>> bloody Fossil >>>> Mercurial >>>>>>>>> gitObviously I can't use SCCS or RCS in all scenarios but CVS was nice ehhhhhh