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Come back with a warrant

@solidsanek the year of luigi might have passed but the decade of luigi is only just beginning
how are people 40 years old lmao like just go to the gym lmao
Yes I’m a girl. Yes I eat paper
This sounds sarcastic but I actually love it I’m having a blast, my aux plug in my car has been broken for weeks & I’ve been listening to the same CDs over & over it was time for CHANGE
I bought a 10 buck speaker at Walmart today and it’s the best purchase I’ve ever made
Dang I’ve been on fedi for over 2 years now that’s whack
manager: go ahead and clock off early we’ve been dead all day
@cdmnky HAHA wel this situation was just shitty the owner found out we were all like 20-21 and got mean as fuck
@cdmnky just the front yard but yeah Airbnb hosts are allowed to have cameras but they have to declare them and this bitch had the neighbors camera pointing directly at us
Yesterday was literally the most ridiculous day ever we found out the Airbnb owner was watching us on the neighbors security camera so we had to move out and Airbnb said they’d pay for us to have a hotel for 2 nights so I was moving all day & slept like 4 hours and then went to work and closed and then immediately got locked out for 7 hours it worked out cuz we had 2 rooms so I just slept in the other one but all my stuff was in here this has been such a wild ride
We have collectively 2.5 brain cells
@druid we had adjoining rooms and I locked the latch to our room and then my friend dropped a mad fart so I went into the other room and they followed and then the door closed from our rooms side so we had to wait for maintenance to get here and undo the latch
what’s up me & my friend locked ourselves out of our hotel room for 7 hours without any of our stuff & just got back in LMAO
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@lain no I don’t want feet pics ugh you’re fired
@lain depends how much bath water you’re willing to send
Ok so I’m gonna try to start doing commissions again this week because I need the money lol here’s my price sheet again! Go ahead and DM me if you want one and I’ll probably start in a day or two :) boosts are always appreciated too lol ty
good news is I’m getting hours again finally bad news is I’m closing 6 nights a week again too
i need to go to the gym tonight but i am SO TIRED AGHHHH