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Your friendly nsfw gay transhumanist flerken. I mainly post about bein a gaemr gurl and wantin to systematically destroy institutions.

so who actually are these people who use Light Mode on literally any application
i've never met one
so why is it default
oh wowe its my favorite annie may
daily reminder that Massachusetts is a conspiracy and nobody actually lives there
does the act of vaginoplasty count as getting circumsized
s - snuggle
n - nuzzle
u - unwind
g - grab tight and safe
g - give care and affection
l - love
e - embrace
have you tried stopping being cute and then being cute again?
what? it won't turn off? darn it, i gotta pass this up to management, hang on...
you can interpret them as being used to penetrate yourself, or to wear in a harness and penetrate cuties with, and i'll leave which one i meant to your imagination
ah, vaginoplasty, the beautiful process of going from having one dick to having several fake ones you swap out for funsies
if i were a wolfgirl, i would simply not awoo and avoid the hefty fine
broke: angry lesbian
woke: sapph ire
I really appreciate the Fortnite devs, part 2:
I really appreciate the Fortnite devs.
warning i used to have to give everyone when i walked into a room
@kaniini I have to list previously aliases, yeah.
Maybe that would work. I don't know.
oh wow fuck shitfuck fuck i hate everything
to move into our new apartment, the concierge must run a background check and, because this country and all its laws are horrifying, she must actively look at my deadname, and learn that I'm trans
I wanted this to be a safe environment. I wanted to move to California with no one knowing, not a single person, so I could actually feel safe for the first time in my life.
But now the woman who runs my entire fucking building will know. And not because of any fuckup on my part, just because there are no legal protections in place to keep me safe from violence and abuse as a trans person.
@dtluna and boys and girls and girls and boys and enbies and girls and girls and girls 🎶
girls don't like boys
girls like girls and girls and girls and girls and enbies and girls and girls and enbies and girls and giirls 🎶
Someone needs to help Ceiling Cat down from there, it's been years and she's hungry.
Someone needs to help Ceiling Cat down from there, it's been years and she's hungry.
can i just find three cute girls with dicks the exact size and shape of my dilators and have them fuck me three times a day
that would be way nicer
me when I'm on my no-equipment challenge run of Skyrim and literally every NPC is yelling at me to put some clothes on
Let's normalize "ur gay" as a super rad compliment.
excuse me but hwat the frick
So my cleric in DnD is this sweet lil innocent hyperactive 15 year old dragonborn girl, who doesn't know how to tie her shoes, or where babies come from, or pretty much anything about life other than how to obsessively worship the dragon god Bahamut. She never raised her weapon once in the campaign, she just healed a lot, set up a floating pet spiritual sword to do the mean parts for her, and used the Command spell to politely ask the enemies to fall over, run away, etc.
She is my pure precious baby and I love her.the campaign ended recently.
the story ended with her being adopted.
by bahamut.
she will one day be the new bahamut.
one day, someone else's cleric will summon the all-powerful dragon god of order, and they'll just get this fuckn lil dorbs cinnamon roll.
Just swapped from being surveiled 24/7 by Amazon to being surveiled 24/7 by Google, and it's way better actually, highly recommend 👍
@solidsanek Wow, I'm addicted all over again, this is great.
This is why Fedilab needs to act or fucking leave - it is very literally giving nazis a platform.
The reviews are pretty much all 5 stars praising how "this is the only client that doesn't censor", with varying degrees of dogwhistling on the side.
With how well they're helping him review, and the fact that the app costs money, I wouldn't be surprised if the only reason he's made his client gab-compatible is because he wants that sweet sweet nazi cash.
Oh hey look I have a dick again lol.
when a cute girl says she's a furry
Daily reminder to punch water and drink fascists.
This is a super weird leading question. Like, yeah, anyone can sexually assault anyone, what does gender identity have to do with it?
lol the straights are at it again .jpg
This works on multiple levels for me, because not only am I a pale english paper-person who instantly catches fire upon leaving the house, but I'd eagerly fuck the sun if such a sexual act were possible.
I know, right?
I love her, she is my child. Everything I do is solely to teach her.
She's dead.
That is, she's a ghost, of an anthro cat. And because cats have nine lives, she's actually the eighth ghost to come out of the same person.
She never found any of the other hers. And she has no idea where the living one is, if she is still living. Hell, she doesn't even remember most of her life as one of the living. But she's got her own interests. Who knows if she has a single thing in common with the original anymore, she's just herself, and that's a-okay with her :blobthumbsup:
I wanted to stay up all night to reboot my sleep, but I give up.
Oh well, I'll still be fine ❤️