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I'm nice
Satyr 0.4 out, now with adaptive livestreaming for your friends with shit connections

Also a not-very-complete prototype of IRC peering with anything supporting TS6

A good UI and IRC are the two things I want to finish before I'd be okay calling it 1.0

Karen bullied me for forgetting to create extension if not exists the other day but the bug wasn't even because of that it was just me mishandling my own data

I'm not sure of that's worse or not.
@karen You already bullied me for "testing in production lol" I'm literally asking for it now.
I'm gonna learn elixir but not functional paradigms just so I can write disgusting elixir code and horrify my friends.
Why is the steering wheel on the left in the promo video for Euro Truck Simulator?
Despite the fact that I learned to program because I was a nerdy teenager who liked videogames, I have never had any interesting in doing gamedev after like 3 months of highschool java.
It was called cjboard and it was honestly basically badwolf (cc @lanodan lol) with extensions and a runtime config file with a fuckload of options.
I keep having dreams about the same piece of non-existant software over...

Not yet because audio doesn't work and @null did most of the work but after a full day of slamming my head against a wall it almost works.
Adaptive bitrate is for losers I'm just upscale every stream to 2560x1440 instead
"What do you want for Christmas?"
"Don't be such a zoomer."
"Never say that word again."
@wolf480pl also it's not like only they know how to use it, more like only they even have access to it
@wolf480pl Yeah I mean I know *why* they did it, it's just annoying and lame.
Twitch has this really great post on their blog about handling streams with FFMPEG and how to do adapative bitrate properly and what the limitations are

And then it basically ends with "so that's why we switched to our in-house proprietary transcoder lol"

Fuck you m8
>If I can consent to have sex with an entire football team, why can't I consent to have sex with my brother who is over the age of 30?

Good quote, thanks Vice.
I am in the mood to be productive but do not have the energy for it.

big ripp

Thank you for reading my zoomer impression.
I want a tuna melt or something with cheese now, thanks Pea.
Last night I had a dream that Alex made a post on fedi about how cute several people's PGP keys were.
Time to learn DA:I speedrun maybe?

But also I should finish whatever Satyr code I want to test before tomorrow night.
@nik @waifu @moonman It was founded by a TERF and her partner. I don't think trans inclusive feminism is banned or disallowed there, but that sets the tone for the whole instance.
@druid How else am I supposed to share makeup tips?
@dielan Do you have more Pikachu dancing stuff so I can subpost Lili?