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the burning skeleton communist the NSDAP warned you about

xmpp : tuxcrafting [at]
website: gopher://tuxcrafting.null
speaks fr/en/he/eo (mainly en)
whatever pronouns

alts on,,,,,,

#np evanescence - my immortal
got genode on sel4 to work but the demo can't open launchpad from sculpt, it just freezes when i click the link
apparently it's because nitpicker exceeds its memory quota
i should really go to bed but i also really want to get genode on sel4 working
ok so it's apparently downloading 2 linux kernel versions and a freebsd release
that's a lot of operating systems
@popefucker certainly seems pretty epic
i barely got it to finish compiling and it's getting pretty late so i'm gonna continue playing with it tomorrow
introducing: gentoo-pop
it's fan noises while compiling webkit-gtk
man, every time i get into a situation where two cases may have mines i pick the wrong one
it's amazing
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🧞‍♀️: and having solved poverty and disease forever, your third wish?👩‍💻: no more time zones

uhm stracing the wget process for gcc just shows a blocking select
it's fucked isn't it
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Why can't phone numbers be similar to emails? In fact, why can't we forget about all this bullshit with phone IDs being attached to a specific country or area?I understand how this system came to being, but we're in 2019 right now.

@roka yeah if it contains all the libraries i guess it makes sense for it to be pretty thick
@foxhkron life is pain
on the other hand, when technological collapse inevitably happens and we'll all have to use dialup, i'll be ready
@p it's exactly because they sound absurd that i use them
ok so it seems downloading gcc's source code is maxing out the whole 50 KiB/s of wifi bandwidth i have
pleroma no longer works lmao
ok so it seems downloading gcc's source code is maxing out the whole 50 KiB/s of wifi bandwidth i have
pleroma no longer works lmao
just what kind of bloat does gcc have that the .tar.xz of the source code is almost 70 fucking mibibytes
lol genode needs a special built toolchain

time to build gcc (yay!!!!!!!)
the internet waging war on the PRC

we live in a society
actually hell, when can we get linux to go to hell and just switch to microkernels
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Keynes predicted that we would have a 15-hour workweek by now because of our vast wealth. He was right about the wealth and very wrong about our schedule.

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doing my part helping hong kong against chinese aggression by upvoting a couple reddit posts and doing an epic retweet

@reitrace ah wait nevermind, i misunderstood, apparently it's just that their cryptocurrency flopped, telegram is still ok
cc @georgia @fluffy