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The hissiest pleroma dev :cacolaugh:
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Volatile Internet Weirdo.

Name pronounced as Hee Jay.

I love sampo and lain.

Matrix is

Pronouns are whatever.

Do not DM me unless it's truly private matter and you're instance's admin or you risk your DM to be reposted publicly.

Wish i was Finnish girl.
@Majkatsu @druid @waifu baguette - rapier, loaf - broadsword, croissant - that knife samurai use to commit sudoku
@roka @Dolus @Kro @mono @nepfag it's just to make it appear as fifth episode, which some ports simply can't do. I doubt they wanted to distribute their own version of choco just because of that
@roka @Dolus @Kro @mono @nepfag you guys sure love making a big deal about what sociopolitical alignment the dev is and what game engine/language they are using, i'm having deja vu here. At this point I can imagine you playing and enjoying something like limbo of the lost or starforge simply because developer is "based and redpilled" and uses the "right" engine.
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@nepfag @hj @dolus @Kro @mono @roka voting with your wallet helps positively, not as much negatively. It's like sageing a shit thread

@nepfag @Dolus @Kro @mono @roka what are voting for/against then? money doesn't speak. You're voting against good games being made? Voting against small devs giving in to genderpolitical pressure over overreaching political correctness? The world may never know.
@Dolus @Kro @mono @nepfag @roka is it worth it hurting them more, considering how good the game is? I don't think they are very happy about drama either.
@Dolus @Kro @nepfag @roka no idea about who exactly made it, but i can say that it's more than one person for sure, and it's not like kojumbo who directed all of the stuff himself.

anyway, i just accept that this drama shit is just racket and blackmail of XXIst century so it's bound to be happening for some time at very least, just americucks being americucks.
@mono @Kro @Dolus @nepfag @roka voting with your wallet doesn't really work in our world unless your wallet has sums equivalent of millions of euros to make it matter.
@Dolus @Kro @nepfag @roka i know it your business and choice but honestly i find it incredibly weird deciding what to play depending on "cucked" status of it.
@roka @nepfag @Dolus @Kro i'm not refunding it over some drama shit but i AM backing up current version nonetheless.
Screenshot 2019-08-19 23-25-08.…
i love when unreleased games already get some sort of awards which aren't "best trailer" kind of awards.
@coolboymew i was watching gamescom and presenter was saying something about who won which awards or some shit and d55m eternal was there.
@nepfag @Azurolu the game doesn't let you play as a dragon loli, or any loli. Closest to loli you can get is lalafell. Although i don't know, actual children NPCs in the game are so fucking weird and unsettling i think it's a better choice anyway.
@Azurolu @nepfag i also have my free fantasia they give you for finishing ARR. No free name change tho. There's only 2000gil haircut/dye/makeup change which is enough for most of the shit combined with different glamour.
@Azurolu @nepfag no you were on Moogle AKA Baguette Central AKA The french one. Now it's frenchies are on different one or smeared all across the realm, but you can play cross-server and visit other servers with existing characters anyway.
@Azurolu @nepfag also IIRC which database/server/datacenter you were doesn't matter since they shuffled it all again IIRC and game will ask you which one you want.
@nepfag @Azurolu bad, bad goy! you're not supposed to restart, you're supposed to buy fantasia potion for €7 every time you want to change your character's potion and also €7 if you want to change name! Otherwise why would you want to do that? You don't need new characters, just level up existing one on all jobs!
@dtluna i lost count tbh, i mean he appears in some pre-revolution fairy tales under a different name...
putin, wondering why his anti-aging spell wears off on his right hand only