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I have come here to make friends.
Extended bio for compatibility:
@lanodan jajajja lots of people in my family with that name (I'm guessing, i'm mexicano)
@lanodan lol, and I think it's even worse if I'm behind a vpn
@lanodan I contacted support complaining and they told me "we love it so very much"
@Akio ok google how do I delete a twit from my mastodon pleroma wall?
I just hope the new :ariel: is as hot as the original one.

Did I say that out loud?
excuse me if I'm wrong, but I seem to remember you have a t420 blaze it do you have an opinion? @lanodan
hey frens, the interwebs says I should get 2100MHz ram for this t440p but it came with a 1600 and also slower is cheaper, what difference would it make if It had all its sticks in slow vs fast (freq wise)? (I mean we're talking intel here)
@trash @sean this may be could be crudely done with a "democracy 3 mod"
@cdmnky @Dee is comes as

the plain shirt, the transfer paper and a manual
@Feuerfuchs @Dee As a cat respecter but dog lover I'm 65%jelly of blobcats :(
I was looking at the box of a HDD enclosure I just purchased. I took a lesson and this is how I'm advertising speeds from now on:

[usb 3 speed compared to bell 101, the difference is like million-fold]
@kaniini wait it wasn't a joke? I thought it was (i'm on master and I'm afraid of doing anything else than git pull
@lain but locked at 30fps for a cinematic experience
@kaniini I'm not white, american, nor a mastodon user but I think both platforms could improve