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-lucy wheeler
-29, poly, trans, very lesbian.
-married since 10/25/2015
-approximately seven thousand gfs
-very good at sword
-writing, cooking, and ddr are all passions
-please talk about homestuck with me
-dallas tx babeyyyy
-i block all minors. don't even look at my posts unless you're 18+

if you're good you'll say "my Lady" when you speak to or of me

one time i was fucking a girl and she said "i wanna be your prey" and in my brain i was like "???" but irl i just grinned and bit her really hard and she came on me so i guess that worked out
@pea huge mood, i only recently got my first good backrub
@kurisu @pea ohhhh you are SO lucky you replied that to her and not me
"s(seocwe99" is Snoozy Lucy for "ill dream of you" bc thats absolutely what i did
@kurisu thats the sickest interpretation and i love it. cheers u beautiful bich
constantly struggling with the idea that i could log out and uninstall discord and literally no one would ever think about me again
tryna roll up to my date's house in my bananamobile so they look out the window and think "dam im boutta get banana bred"
being horny for robots is valid but please god pick better robots
goose game just brought all the fucking gamzee kins out of the woodwork