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Pronouns: she/fae, elle/iel
Lang: en, fr, (LSF), ...
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Pleroma dev (backend, mastofe)

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plural people be like
❌ my phone
✔️ our phone
*Soviet anthem intensifies*

@dtluna I'm in a big city but changed of one and well, I've become used to be a shut-in…
@dtluna I quite drop a lot of animes and well it's not like I have much stuff to do…
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Tonight for SPC Movie Night, we're watching Summer Wars (2009)! Showtime is at 5:30pm US Mountain Time (UTC-06:00), or about 40 minutes from now. Come watch Youtubes with us until then.

@polychrome Well, I think this is more or less true right now?
I don't use any lisp/scheme…
@piggo @kaniini @moonman new things are absolutely never going to be added to mastofe unless they come from tootsuite or glitch-soc…
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TIL today: Lambert, from Alien, is canonically a trans woman?? Like for real, it's talked about in her file in the movieThis is WILD i had no idea and i love this new knowledge

unix cat(1) command but it does a soft meow on your pc-speaker during it’s usage, just to make cat /dev/random cute.
netscape but it actually yeets you out of the internet.
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SCP idea: a normal-looking windows 95 PC, but the Add New Hardware Wizard physically spawns new hardware

@manu Même sans chaine de bloc la réponse est forcément oui, plus un outil informatique est utilisé plus ça demande d’énergie et ce de manière proportionnelle.

Le problème de bitcoin et autre blockchain c'est que c'est exponentiel voire pire (heureusement y'a des cryptomonnaies qui ne sont pas basé sur une blockchain, par example Gnu Taler).