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@jorin Nice! I've used Lilypond for typesetting sheet music before and it's pretty nice to work with. The LaTeX of sheet music.

Unfortunately it would never suit my use cases. I want to produce electronic music and I find that even Ardour is ill suited for that case. I need to be able to generate synths, route, mix, and sequence audio and control data. It seems like SuperCollider provides all of this and even benefits in some areas that other DAWs lack.

Needless to say, a good midi (or otherwise) sequencer is only a small (but important!) subset of the functionality that I need.
@jorin Supercollider on the left and right, emacs and ranger in the middle
@Olivia mate your teachers won't give two fucks whether you're there or not, it's your money and time not theirs
@a9 It's got really nice autocompletion functionality for live usage

Also it's got More Features that I don't know much about intended to help with scripting. It's almost entirely compatible with bash so all that really happens when you use it live is that you get a more human-accessible interface.
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this is how i look like when using discord voice chats calls opus codec network webcale ddos-resistant voice node network network blockchian

cw eye contact by one man

like this post if you're stalking my profile
@a9 Nothing actually scales, Turing machines are just abstractions and we're bound by finite compute resources to emulate them
@a9 sunvox is not bad actually

renoise is really where it's at if you want to do serious audio stuff, but if it's just chiptune I have honestly no idea
@haskal @a9 How do you handle rebooting the server when you aren't there?
Been living in audio heaven all week :blobmelt:
Messing with SuperCollider like this is reminding me of when I first downloaded FL Studio for the first time. vvv comf
"Similar to Smalltalk or Ruby with syntax similar to C or Javascript"
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Why is it called real estate? Is there any such thing as unreal estate?

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platonically love all my fedi friends

@Anniemay These memes you've been sharing recently have all been terribly good
@thegibson Shoplifters are hackers (but only if they're girls)

Videogamers are hackers (but only if they're boys)

Kids with no money pirate movies and music and become hackers? I wonder what pushed them to start doing such an irresponsible thing! Must be their low self-control...