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please be patient and explain it like you would explain it to a 5 y.o. adhd kid or something.

I'm in the circus with @moon

My entire being is just a shitpost

I mostly use this as an outlet to whine

Gustong mag Tagalog αœ€αœ†αœ” αœ‹αœ„αœ” αœαœ“αœŽαœ†αœ” αœ…αœ” αœŠαœŒαœ”αœŠαœŒαœ’αœˆαœ”αœΆ
I think the instance would like this if it hasn’t been posted already
@calv pota umayos ka ha wala akong maintindigan CHE
@calv we You’re implying there’s more of you?
@calv oh πŸ€” see it's better if it comes naturally
@calv that's harder than you think. You gotta know how someone works to generally interact in the first place.
@calv in all seriousness it's only effective if I know someone well enough
I tried starting to make my own hearts edit thing but it is so much work