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Just another lovingly and cuddly sassy motherfucker.

#VideoGames #Anime #Libertarianism #Government #Capitalism #Individualism #NaturalLaw #Rationalism #Objectivism #Science #Physics #Coding #Programming

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@wizard @vala I misremembered, it wasn't a hamster, it was a squirrel. And I still can't remember what was that anime's name.
@vala @wizard that's the series with the wizard girl who carries a hamster with her at all times, right?
@TerminalState @static @RUSHIFA @colonelj
Equality of Opportunity = Equal Constant A Priori Probability, Statistical Ensamble Is a Gaussiana Bell Curve
Equality of Outcome = Statistical Ensamble Is a Dirac's Delta Distribution, A Priori Probability are all zero
@sjw Some git feeling tells it won't make the cut. I can't describe it, I just....know it.
@fluffy @Julia @maxmustermann Scrolls written in Hebrew and Arameic found in eleven caves between 1947 and 1956, the first one by a Shepard boy, during the creation of Israel. Most of them found in tiny fragments, only a few of them complete. Access was heavily guarded by Israel up until 2001.
@fluffy @Julia @maxmustermann The coincidental fact how the dead sea rolls were discovered. The timing they were discovered. How there are almost no complete page. All very strange.
@fluffy @Julia @maxmustermann like the people who claim Palestine never existed because it's not mentioned in the bible?
@PussySlayer @kakol @p It could be worse, imagine Javascript Being replaced with Ruby. Oh the horror, the horror.
@PussySlayer @kakol @p and they have added more functional elements like lambdas in latter editions, which is great.
@PussySlayer @kakol @p I had to because I was toying around binding AssImp into MOAI Lua executable. But I do love C coding style, it's very math-like. Same reason why I dislike Smalltalk and Pascal like languages.
@PussySlayer @kakol @p Yeah, toyed with it when I was playing around with MOAI and AssImp. Really nice. The stack structure is harder on Lua than Python for C++ but you get used to it.
@PussySlayer @p @kakol I love Lua too. Haven't used it in quite some time, but hell is such a lovely language.
@mewmew @Mikoto @Pyretta @deadheat So you are not in favor of ADL and SPLC advocating for people to be deplatformed, nor you support their efforts to deplatform people they don't agree with ?
@mewmew @Mikoto @Pyretta @deadheat Now, if the premise of the original post was 'Mocking Edgelords', and if we asume the premise as valid, since morality works both ways, we can only conclude that 'Mocking Leftards' is an equally valid premise.
After all, as I said, the moral principle is "do to others what they do to you", not doing so would imply falling into the most contradictory and hypocrital positions, namely, that of moral relativism since you would be asserting that "it's only right when we do it", which would be a contradiction in terms.
@mewmew @Mikoto @Pyretta @deadheat Sure. It's easy to only defend the speech of those you already agree with. Should I defend Antifa's right to March through the streets provided the do not initiate the use of force against and individual?. Sure, and I will. But I will also defend the right of civilians and cops to defend themselves ( even what means beating the shit out of them ) against a violent attack from Antifa.
Do I support people I disagree with like Andrew Angling and the Daily Stormer to say what they want?. Yeah, I do, the same way I support BuzzFeed or the Daily Best spewing their nonsense. What I do not support is the use of force, libel, smear, threats, mob pressure and boycotting to deplatform people they disagree with.
@mewmew @deadheat @Mikoto @Pyretta why are you defending the SPLC and the ADL ? Aren't you supposed to be for free speech whether they contradict your socialist position or not ?.
@dielan Hitler drunk water, therefore everyone who drinks water is a fascist.