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I hardly have a personality outside of being the Mastodon developer. This is a personal account.

Me when I'm in bed: I just want to sleep for a thousand years I do NOT want to get upMe when I'm awake: Sleeping sucks I do not want to sleep let me be online more
@dansup Well, you can't make $10 million on Patreon, that's for sure
@dansup I thought Laravel was free? What was he selling?
Ah crap, I lost my Civ VI game to a science victory right after nuking that nation's capital. I couldn't even take it 'cause all my units were far away. Feels bad.
I'm sorry what does OOTD mean? It makes me think of that alien species from Doctor Who
Picture of dragon on top a pile of gold with knight approaching the dragon with a spear, the knight is labeled "me", the pile of gold is labeled "trying to have a rest" and the dragon is labeled "Wasabi"
I can't upload images right now but imagine the guy tapping his forehead "Your customers can't move to a competitor if they can't load their data" captioned Wasabi
Kizuna Ai saying "fuck you" but it's me towards Wasabi
Um... It might be Wasabi's fault? So I'm observing a bunch of idle_in_transaction UPDATEs and INSERTs on the media_attachments table, and as far as I can see, there is no other query blocking them.It seems like paperclip is trying to save the file to Wasabi and this happens within a transaction and Wasabi just doesn't bloody respond?I'm trying to figure out why our configured timeouts for paperclip do not kick in...
Something is wrong with I am investigating (have been for the last hours)
@kaniini @lain @Thib Yes, I believe we accept array types and select the expected one from them
Discord has this really amazing UX where when you start typing a friend's name into the people search bar it'll show the right friend for half a second and then it'll start showing 50 random strangers instead
The most tempting part about the idea is that I absolutely hate when the wire gets caught in something and yoinks the earbuds out of my ears
What's everyone's opinions on wireless earphones? I think the wire in my wired ones broke so I'm considering other options
The population of this site will be decimated by bears
@healyn I don't know if it's his interns or literally him but it seems to be a real thing. His first account was on... Free Speech Extremist...
@healyn Wait, wasn't his instance different? Something with 1000 dollars in the name? What's happening
What in the tweet is so controversial to this person that they think you can't run a business with it? I'm losing brain cells over here
There's Mastodon, the software. There's Mastodon, the project that develops that software. Then there's Mastodon, the misnomer for the network (in reality, "fediverse")
Mastodon (the father), Mastodon (the son), Mastodon (the holy spirit)
@tateisu 😕 But if we don't remove it now, it will have to stay until 4.0!
@tateisu But the v2 endpoint is identical? And v1 has been deprecated for a long time...
@tateisu But the v2 endpoint is identical? And v1 has been deprecated for a long time...
I have an amusing quote to share but I am now convinced people on here do not understand the function of quotation marks
@anna @Hbomberguy Harris was here earlier than most! It's him who asked me to put "toot" on the publish button
I don't remember "foreskin restoration" on the Skyrim skill tree 🤔
When I boost cats from both my main and this account