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One of the many official 3nigmatico's alt accounts spread through the fediverse! Spreading the cuteposting virus around the fediverse since 2018.

Major mew mewer of the fediverse.

My main account is
@mewmew @kitsune @cesese @pry Well, C++ was originally an extension for C that added OOP features such as classes and such, and early C++ code (like c++98) looked more like C than anything else.

Nowadays it's hell between so many templates and so much abstraction, and some C++ code is barely readable, not to mention debug with all the mangling.

If you have a compilation error in your code you better prepare your anus if you plan on reading the error log...
@Akio @esheep Puniko's instance doesn't lack a thing when it comes to emojos :akirbyhappy:​
@absturztaube @proxeus Don't be so modest! This has enough potential to become the strongest contender :bunlove:
@karolat @absturztaube Oh yeah, there is a slim chance that the block federates properly, but then the unblock doesn't federate properly... let's hope that doesn't happen :buneyes:​
@karolat @absturztaube It says we're mutuals on my end. I can try blocking and unblocking you and see if that works