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Chaos and absurd evangelist.
Sithrak priest.
Mostly evil.
Not for the faint of heart.

@newt yes you are spoiled

@newt wtf you are sick XD

I'm here just for the lulz.

Say what you want, but meat is delicious.
@shpuld sure. On top of that, it probably shouldn't completely automatic but a notification for a user to click.This guys has moved instances. Follow his new account and remove the old one? Yes/No.
@shpuld you could restrict it to only work if that user is already followed and to work only once per user. I see no reason to be worried unless you are already following a malicious instance, but then you should expect all sorts of shenanigans anyway.
@shpuld if it does, I'm not aware of it. Again, there's plenty of wholesome Pleroma instances around. I'm looking to create a niu replacement and I want it to be as authentic as possible.
@shpuld technically, I see no reason why it can't.
@shpuld doesn't mastodon implement automatic re-follow tho? I have an impression they implemented that.
Thanks to everyone who voted. Despite the votes, I'm going to use Mastodon. There is already a number of good Pleroma instances around and Misskey doesn't support Mastodon client API.I'll set up the instance for a test run in the coming days and we'll see where it goes.
@tuxcrafting @coldacid i have yet to see a single production-ready EDGE CPU. Until then I won't comment on it :)
@tuxcrafting @coldacid perhaps, but much of information just is not available during compile time and the same code paths can be executed in different order depending on the data at hand. So nope, this approach would likely still lose to OoO execution.
@coldacid @tuxcrafting the compiler part had a bit to do with it, yes. But ultimately it was due to lack of software and the fact that AMD64 was a thing.Note that there was no laptop version of Itanium, right about when everyone started transitioning to laptops instead of huge bulky desktop machines.
@tuxcrafting @coldacid VLIW isn't better. It's substantially worse in fact. The idea that a compiler can schedule instructions in advance just doesn't work. In addition, huge code sizes lead to memory bus starvation, which slows things down considerably.
Nix stack is so much easier to use compared to Ansible or Puppet.
Vivaldi browser with Youtube open playing Vivaldi Cello Concerto in D minor. Vivaldiception?
What started as a simple task, ended in my commiting to NixOS again.
What's the worst way to spend €300? Attend this conference.
How to use IRC in a five easy steps.1. Hop onto IRC, join a channel, ask a question.
2. Suddenly get disconnected.
3. Reconnect, realize that you missed all the answers and IRC doesn't support chat history.
4. Contemplate the worthlessness of this endeavor.
5. Join Discord instead.
@lain @kitsune that's cheap. You should buy an external esc key from Apple for $49.99.
@lain no, that's the middle one. The cheap one is Air.
@sjw @kura regardless, many people use fedi mostly on their phones.
@kura I decided not to use it because it doesn't support Mastodon client API. Unfortunately, there is no way to update the poll.
@shpuld the UI is gorgeous. Reactions are dope, and I miss them in other AP implementations. Probably something else, but these two are off top of my head.
One reason for Misskey is it has some nice features. Also there are lots of good Pleroma instances out there.
@shpuld well, yeah. Or something with one-time cards.
mitsu -> guizzy -> shp -> animeHere we go.
mitsu -> guizzy -> shp -> animeHere we go.
@shpuld @eal I feel like this is gonna end up as a unidirectional nonplanar graph
@mewmew although, give me your referral anyway. Might as well try it.