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23 yr old tired gay mess. irc bot wrangler 🤖

no one likes me and I'm not surprised.
i keep getting in arguments and making myself sad. why
some background other than what transpired publicly in toots @kaniini
@kaniini unfortunately, we're talking about real human beings seeing your posts - we're not talking about some principled move where you refuse to cater to less privileged human beings just because you're pant-wettingly upset about a poor protocol design.also it's not your place to decide what should and shouldn't be CWed - that's an issue for those effected by that content and it's your responsibility as A Reasonable Human Being to help them out
@kaniini I'd love to have a real discussion about your behaviour when you're ready to not just run from criticism :blobcatheart:
@kaniini i still have some respect for you so I'd recommend you don't tell me
@kaniini sure but having a brief description of what way they're nsfw would be cool. also you dont CW food and a buncha other stuff :s
stressed. very stressed. want to shout. everything is going fine in life today but im still. very. stressed.please hug :(
i am[ ] boy
[ ] girl
[x] very tired please give me coffee
sending an army of lovely trans people towards freshly cracked shark girl
@cdmnky best of luck ^^ hit me up if you need to chat about anything