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messy and proud
dog bitch, will lick you
9999 gfs and counting

coffee | cooking | sysadmin | haskell | crux

I think for a while I was sorta in a place where I would've clashed with his energy and it would've fucked with me a lot but now I'm really enjoying interacting with him again
@amy @Majkatsu @druid @ihavebigtits @waifu yeah I'm just kidding bards are weird especially since everyone who plays dnd is socially inept and most dms are incapable of creating social challenges,
@amy @Majkatsu @druid @ihavebigtits @waifu bard is the pinnacle of classes, while everyone else stupidly swings their swords and casts their spells, she utilitizes her social mastery and charm to open doors where none before existed, you haven't felt true power until you've abandoned the shackles of your blade
Naomi's vibe feels so different with this new pfp
kinda wanna maybe write an "emoji provider" module kinda thing for pleroma and like, per user emoji,

but kinda seems like a pain
@Majkatsu @druid @ihavebigtits @waifu damn my last character was a bard but I couldn't be horny because I had family members in the group and I'm weak, it was so sad
tired, lazy pea

should I play dicey dungeons? idk

it's kinda easy, but maybe the difficulty ramps up and I just don't know it
@petra not too far, I don't remember, I kinda fell asleep and my laptop died
@JibrilTheFlugel @waifu @druid my last group which fell apart had 0 clerics but it was 5e and in 5e everyone's basically a cleric lite edition so
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@pea crying in sympathy that my gf can't get a good dicking

illegal that people can make posts and I'll just get turned on by them
@AkaiHebi seems kinda unusual imo, never heard of a case like this but I could see it existing

there's the whole stereotype of the boy whose mum wanted him to be born a girl so she raises him like a girl but idk how many cases there are of mums that narcissistic and out of control
@quad ay nevermind actually that looks fantastic, 100% worth being a fatty for
hi 911 I desperately need a domming my sub gf scratched me up a bit to appease me but it WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH
@starwall "the formic acid of the ants may act as an insecticide" this dumb bitch over here covered itself in bugs to protect itself from bugs
@dankwraith *robber, looking in window* dope they have a cat this'll be easy
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me to my dom: "hey can you un tie me for a second i just thought of a post"

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I think "cumdump for the working class" might work well enough for me :P

@quad like, can relate, but please save yourself kuwaddo
@OVDB if you have a dick and have bought these, you've at least tried to stick your dick into one of these
@esvrld @themorgangoats if he throws his phone in panic then starts crying as everyone points and laughs, you know you did it right
@esvrld @themorgangoats point at his phone and go "haha look at what this guy is reading, he's looking at japanese porn comics in class, look at the tiddies on that lady"
@themorgangoats why are weebs so antisocial smh "I'll just stand here and stare over their shoulder instead of talking with them like a human but I don't want to seem weird"

@themorgangoats say "yo what are you reading? I've been reading some X lately" with X being a manga you've read jeez