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with regards, your sweetpea 💙
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lewd girl can't cum until june 13th -- hijinks and sluttiness ensue

tfw dentist says to use fluoridated mouthwash but you remember the warnings CVCVCV sacrificed himself to give you
tbh I seem laid back, but I'm actually arrogant as fuck on the low-key I think

I have a thorough confidence that I can do absolutely anything I decide to and always want to carve my own path instead of following the more traditional path
I really like it though, I like that low-key arrogance, I'm friendly enough, I'm a good enough person, but I have this overpowering pride buried deep down 💙

it's pretty cute honestly
ah yes, let's just put microphones constantly listening to you from marketing and advertising companies EVERYWHERE

can't wait for the widely popular Amazon Alexa brain implant, which listens to all of your thoughts passively,
whole dnd group is connected through facebook and i'm the only one not

should i need an excuse to not be on a shitty silo network? no, do i? possibly,
i suggested, uhhh, a mailing list, which honestly i still feel like is fine, but apparently "no one uses email anymore"
(do I get pissed off about him being a doormat sometimes? yeah, but he doesn't get it, he thinks he fuckin owes the bossman for letting him work or something even though the job is killing him, I hate it)
not to be dramatic but everyone thinks it's really funny to reply to my post about being stressed out by people posting with a lot of hashtags, with lot of hashtags right?
if you use more that like, 2 hashtags in a post I'm stressed out by you honestly
if you use more that like, 2 hashtags in a post I'm stressed out by you honestly
@kaniini wow! I don't actually know what you're implying here at all but I'm offended on principle
I'm absurdly happy I just had that "working in a swimsuit" image on hand, incredible