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ei, nyt on yö, olen humalassa
one day I will leave the computers behind and go live a life of peace in the mountains
@lain the planet-wide EMP holocaust can't come too soon
@Xingi still recovering from last night but my condition is stable
has shared

I've been doing this for almost 20 years, I have written several utilities used to build Linux distributions.

I was one of the people who reviewed GPLv3.

I was one of the people who pushed the FSF to adopt the Affero GPL as the AGPLv3.

The software I have written is used billions of times per day to build other software.

Besides whining, what have you done?

hello beer my old friend
ive come to drink you again
hello beer my old friend
ive come to drink you again
@druid both sound equally hipster tier. I could go on about this but I'm too tipsy
@lain come over to my place, it's a better party anyway
@druid I tried reading up on that stuff when you mentioned it previously and it sounds retarded
@druid I just came back from the sauna, it's a little bit late but I'm goign to have dinner
@lain @lizzeboof it's far from the moomin valley, I've been busy wasting my time with stupid things ;;;;;;;

I hope we'll go bankrupt soon and I can find myself another job
@lain I hope so, there's two places left where I can go to on a normal weekend and this was the cheaper one
and I guess I'll enjoy my freedom and drink myself under the table again
@lain would you like to first have your sauna, viina, or... ?
I've got some crayfish to eat for dinner tonight
> I manage to wake up and drag myself to the computer just to see what my on-line friends are up to
> it's harry potter shipping

why do I even bother
I was at the bar last night and at one point of the evening I decided to buy a drink for everyone at that place. the bartender tried to stop me but I insisted. it cost me 221€.
first day of my vacation and I just woke up.