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prööhday account of the mythical fortune-making machine
if you write a script, try not to make it depend on sudo pretty please
@Olivia I can't, I love the libtard tears too much
been watching yet another eu election debate, I got tired of it now though and I think I'll suya..
>updating kernel on void
>all old kernels are preserved when updating
>/boot runs out of space, dracut hook fails to generate the initramfs
>xbps-install still exists with a 0 because lol
>I fail to notice anything, reboot
>ext4 is built as a module for some reason
>fails to mount the rootfs where the modules are, panic

blöh. maybe I should start building my own kernel for this machine as well.
if you enjoy life in any way you should check your privilege
@rin when you start doubting yourself and your work, just look at something you don't like

works in all areas of life
>about to momentarily become smart and teach someone a lesson in computers
>check the documentation to confirm how correct I am
>I was wrong