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:they_them: ominous fluid 🖲️
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instance admin & official fediverse slime dog.

mid 20s, audio design student, takes photos and breaks computers.

nb, they/them 💛

Austria, (EN/DE OK)

‪help me get rid of all these boxes and in return you'll get the building materials for the most banging cardboard fortress ever‬
the secret to music production is simply not giving a shit or fuck
*finishes a song*.........nice.............but.....*takes the entire thing and transposes it down by 4 steps* NOW it's done
that's lightning earbuds -> lightning to lightning... thing -> lightning to usb -> usb to ethernet
⁣ :c21:⁣:c22:⁣:c23:⁣
⁣ :c31:⁣:c32:⁣:c33:⁣
*bites into a burger and it makes a half life 2 collision noise*