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Full stack developer.

Creator of @pixelfed, admin of He/him

I never would have anticipated that @pixelfed would have grown to what it is today.This shoutout from Cambodia made me tear up, I'm so happy that I can make a difference in the fediverse!
Imagine 117k likes and 11k boosts in 18 minutes, the scalability required for celebrities on the fediverse is going to be a huge challenge if one of them joins.
@lanodan yes, he made $10k the first month forge was available. When Pixelfed has its viral moment, pixelfed hosting services will make bank. The same applies for Pleroma.
@Gargron Not with that attitude! Got any bath water for sale?
@Gargron Forge, Envoyer, Spark, Nova, Vapor and Laracon (Laravel conference). He makes a lot of money on patreon too!
I got ousted as CEO, the IPO is delayed and now I have to answer support emails 😔
in 10 years, only boomers and millennials will use the fediverse
Instagram just released a dark mode, we had this shit for months.
@kaniini you should install pixelfed on that domain :thinkerguns:
@partridge I am doing something, thats why no Pixelfed instance has been affected by the wasabi outage.Cloud storage should be treated as a CDN, not a single source of truth.
This recent Wasabi outage has really highlighted the centralization endemic in the fediverse. When will we learn?
@lain aren't you a bit old to be using snapchat??
what is lains obsession with snapchat all about, eh
Took yesterday off and am currently eating ramen noodles. Almost ready to start coding!
Having to fix performance issues is a good sign, never would have expected more than a dozen people to use this a year later 😁
found on facebook, delete if not allowed xxx
My account keeps getting hacked, I have no recollection of 2/3's of "my" posts :blobugh:
@pea You have a sick mind, PEE will sustain the project by a golden shower of corporate clients and sponsors.
Pixelfed Enterprise Edition, introduce PEE into your platform or service and realize the cost saving benefits over Instagram ads and product sales.Coming Soon!
@kaniini Will it appear in timelines as a Note or will there be a separate page/UI to see what your friends are listening to?
@kaniini That is not what happened at all. Educating people about Braves links to Peter Thiel is not libel.
@trwnh I will never use Firefox again after what happened to Switching.Social
It took Instagram years to launch an Android app, they had no web app at the time.The web is more accessible than the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. I hope you don't mind the delay with mobile app support in Pixelfed. It will be worth the wait 😉
My first post on the fediverse predicted the future 😅
We don't talk much or nothin',
But when we talkin' about something,
We have good discussion
@kaniini i already bodied you, @pixeldev put you on the map. Whenever you mention pixelfed, i gain 10 new followers. Thank u 🙏
this whole dansup vs kaniini beef is entirely unscripted.I apologize in advance 😁
@kaniini lmao, how many pleroma devs does it take to screw in a light bulb?
When you delete a post from mastodon, the media gets deleted as well. Pleroma where you at?
@kaniini Common sense is not mob mentality. This is why pleroma has such a bad reputation lol.
Fediverse initiatives like @isolategab prove that we don't need AI algorithms or billion dollar valuations to improve safety on the fediverse.You just need to participate, are you with us?
how to know your fediverse project is legit and has "made it": @kaniini thinks its shit