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@fluffy seems my little @static is forgetting Gaddafi was always a benevolent dictatorship.
You can decide your fate in this planet, and giving back to those that help your kingdom seems like a just cause.
Too bad the empire of thieves killed him.
@static now that I think about it, this should have been an emacscript.
@fluffy would have been your first adopter.
A long to rewrite?
@sjw user side customizable notification reads like a good idea.
Tell master rin to include it in patch.
Just like avatars and profile pics.
@karolat do you have a default preference? I'd assume you'd have one since this is stereophonic space.
I personally like ॐ
@adrint hazy, can't sleep. I'm not sure if it's the heat, dehydration, or restless. Kinda awake, just ate soy burgers with bread and California vegetable medley. Gonna make more black tea.
@fluffy @static
@fluffy I could list a lot of cool people. But I'm not sure they want to meet you.
On a business trip from Google?
@static didn't you go over the fact James is GCHQ or something?
@adrint sup.
@static I agree with der_kil: just do it home with a contained culture Escherichia coli and robots you diy.
Ignoring the state and fake market.
You could become profitable, and still reasonable by accounting how much clients make a year: proof of paystubs or contract salary statement, charge anywhere from 10-∞$, accounting opportunity costs, lawsuits, loss of product, thefts, strain evolution, recombination of cultures, etc..
Bernie Sanders failed to mention standards, taxes, insurance, and all that bureaucratic crap that that USA does to raise the price.
Similar to airplane tickets, international flights cost anywhere from 15$-150$, but insurwnce, taxes, and other shit raise the prices before the opportunity costs games are set.
And yeah, what some companies do during disasters is down right evil, but the market should look the other way.
@benis @p all this computer talk is giving me headaches, but from the gist of it reads like now you have to create your own @lynnesbian Markov bot in a saner more safe type set system, right @Mikoto ?
And release it in some FSE license like WTFPL, just to make sure yours can't be compromised. That way everyone users yours instead of theirs, which they self confirmed in compromisable.
That reads logically correct, no?
@static something people do to accrue securities in work they do.
For example, @louisoft01 here is attempting to save up money so he can go to Ireland, find a redhead that loves him, pay dowry to the father, and immigrate to a country where he can freely do what he's not allowed to do where he loves.
All of that requires money, and Louise doesn't have that. So he's working hard to be accepted at a company do accrue that financial security to accomplish his dreams.
That's not his real al-wazifeh, only Allah can determine that, but for now he needs to secure those funds to achieve those goals.
You told me you had somethings you wanted to accomplish as well, are they going alright?
@thatbrickster untag?
@static it's ok, this is innocent slander, not hazardous like @7even.
I read you had fun with rin patch the other day, glad you did.
How are you doing with that job thing?
@thatbrickster @louisoft01
@thatbrickster I never understood monogamy, but good for you.
Who's ffs again?
Mostly meant it to @louisoft01. I'm 100% he's capable.
@static I'm not so sure why I'm being tagged.
@lain is my one true god, so whatever they say goes.
I don't have any opinions on software I don't own, so I'm not allowed to give one.
Master says to "Fork off," whatever that means.
@taiz “I need coffee yo jog my memory, still hazy”
But now that you are a man, Profile Picture change!
@quad your pick.
@karolat I think I know what's going on. Someone actually hates @se7en so much, that they led him in a wild goose chase about someone else claiming to be a pleroma dev, when I have never touched pleroma source code. I think that's the issue.
Whomever created @lainchick229 or @jwu somehow tricked se7en that I was them somehow while I was being trained in sissysonics and being beaten for somehow impersonating rin patch, when I could never do such a thing.
This is disgusting. All of this is disgusting.
I don't have time to waste on slander.
Please, find a valuable use of your time, for everyone's sake.
@1iceloops123 @moonman @p
@se7en could you please provide any evidence to these claims, and how they are illegal for @p to defederate @karolat's instance?
I feel slandered, but I'm willing to look the other way, because Rin Patch has been impersonated before, and I was beaten because of your false accusations.
@a7 have fun at not having fun then, so butthurt squads lose, and you always win!
@p @sjw
@a7 just don't, have fun.
It's why animeirl made the thread in the first place, to laugh at a fool of a politician.
I'm having fun.
@Kommando @p @sjw thanks for cheering me up, even if I know I have slanderous enemies.
@a7 look up the comic my profile picture comes from, or the cover comic on my background.
It should clear up a lot of confusion some retards have about me, and I guess some pleroma developer who has been working since at the least 13 years of age, for free.
But that's not on my conscience.
@Kommando @p @sjw
@a7 I heard, saw, the revisionists church.
They wanted me, a cute Asian American, to bow to their whims, because I said this land belongs to my master.
A few threats later, I assumed @Kommando was displeased his first wave of retards was sent in bags to his tiny apartment.
Maybe that's why he hates me.
@p @sjw
@a7 literally the same thing: kike = slanderous thieves from sand nigger land.
@p @sjw honestly, I think @Kommando just hates farmers for some reason.
Something about honest living and work, sweating on the hot sun, just triggers his lying ways.
@a7 I actually believe this cannon better than calling me a kike, for protecting my family.
Better stealing cagers than using slander to win over enemies.
Where's my homemade tank when you need one?
@Kommando @p @sjw
@a7 if you're JewSAiv.
It's also unconstitutional to slander and libel, the huge caveat to free press, and speech.
@p @Kommando @sjw
@Kommando honestly, what I really need are farm hands.
I can't till all the land myself and take care of every vermin haunting my crops.
I'm just not as dumb as the unarmed.
@p @sjw