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Indie Producer, Multimedia Dev; Cyberpunk Dreamer. Check out my latest tunes at


I take commissioned mix and remix work.

Just like, don't use thermite based paint this time.
You know, as we worry about the future of international travel, I'll just put this out there- give me a solid wifi connection and some actual elbow room, and I'd happily spend a couple of days flying home on a solar powered zeppelin instead of taking a jet.Can you imagine how quiet it would be too? Like taking a sleeper train through the sky. I'm really about this idea.
So no one's really talking about it, but the government is only funded through November 21st.Any reason to think we won't have another shutdown?
Also UnrarX? Does that matter to me? Do people still rar things?
I don't know what Apple is smoking with Catalina- refusing to allow 32 bit code execution definitely screws me on several fronts. Unfortunately it looks like a lot of victims are going to be indie games- They're not going to release an updated build of Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor or Nuclear Throne, for example.But also the versions of Microsoft Office I have licenses for, a couple of legacy audio tools that are super useful- just feels like a kick in the shins for no reason.
Don't mind me, just sitting in a tropical paradise speedpainting cold and rainy October vignettes
Don't mind me, just sitting in a tropical paradise speedpainting cold and rainy October vignettes
07 (it's still the seventh for another 45 minute here at the end of the world)
Finally (more or less) happy with my trees!
@pea Where in California? Certain areas can be worth the expense given the networking opportunities that they provide, while some will just leave you feeling isolated and poor.
@wizard Maybe an issue of 32 vs 64 bit plugins? I know Ableton won't load anything that's 32 bit, and now that I'm thinking back, Renoise has a 32 bit and a 64 bit version
@wizard Too bad Renoise didn't do the trick. I hope you find what you're looking for in SuperCollider though!
@wizard ProTools and Logic have OTF which is interesting- sessions become portable between DAWs. But trying to avoid getting locked in to an ecosystem and working in music is a nightmare. I gave up a long time ago, though thankfully I haven't had to open ProTools in a while.
@wizard Wow, yeah- I have thoughts about all of this, but nothing off the top of my head that would actually solve your problem. I'm definitely bound in my system choice by how heavily invested I am in ProTools and Ableton, so I definitely understand where you're coming from. Though that said- I think a lot of your session portability issues are solved by proprietary DAWs- Ableton sessions are self contained and can be version controlled with git, or splice-
@wizard Sounds like you're dangerously close to pulling a Hainbach and moving to a modular / tape setup! (which I would encourage, but it's hard on the wallet). What about traditional DAWs has you disillusioned? Just the fact that none of the open source ones are any good? (Also if you haven't tried it yet, VCV Rack is open source. not a DAW, but a really powerful tool)
@wizard I never quite wrapped my head around algorave stuff, but I've always loved watching people do it- algorithmic music can be so much fun
@wizard The utility of Max has always been its ability to interface with other systems- being able to send it stuff over OSC from Python to make stuff that reacts to data from, for instance, the APIs of social media, or having it control an arduino through the serial port, that kinda thing. It's really great for rapid prototyping of ideas, but I think these days once I know what I want, I'd rather just code it to save on the overhead. Max in particular uses a lot of juice with its graphics
@wizard It's Max/MSP- If you want to play with it, the guy who invented it took all of his ideas and wrote an opensource version called PureData
@wizard Hahaha, thanks! I'm looking forward to catching some of your supercollider stuff!
Today's unexpected meditation. This started out as a 4 on the floor house beat
For reference, the previous patch has been encapsulated, but it's still in there:
Aaaand actually once we've figured out how to get our rhythm together in bars, generating melodies is fairly trivial. After a couple of hours of playing around we have a fairly decent techno melody generator, hooked up to a sine wave oscillator.This might be easier than I thought. @kensanata @zladuric @jaycie
We'll solve this for now with a brute force approach- if we overshoot 16 beats (instead of working with fractions, we'll limit ourselves to a minimum note length of a 16th, and divide our measure into 16 beats), we'll delete the last note we picked, and go back and pick from our list of available note values until we we land on 16.So there you go, now we can build one measure at a time of rhythms.
This kind of requires Rhythmic awareness though- You want to build the melody one measure at a time, out of notes of varying length, to match an exact number of beats (hence the terminology whole note, held for a whole measure, quarter note, held for a quarter of a measure, 16th, etc.)- but if your algorithm is random or noise based, how do you ensure that each measure, composed of quasi random values, adds up to an exact number of beats?
After an earlier exchange with @kensanata , I've been thinking a lot about procedural music today- One of the biggest problems (that I haven't heard of anyone solving- If you know of someone figuring it out please let me know) is cadence- ensuring a melody reaches a satisfying resolution. Typically after two or four measures, you have a satisfying resolution to the melodic tension that gets built up, like a period in a sentence. It's a place to breath.
It's come a long way in the last few months
I'm the absolute opposite of people who get SADS. I loved the weather when I lived in Olympia, I get depressed in California and here in HNL when it goes too long without a good rain.
It's finally raining and I am in such a good mood
Made good on my promise to fill my little town with ghosts
Made good on my promise to fill my little town with ghosts
@pea Why would they spend the money on a water bottle to give you for throwing your poor cashier under the bus when they could just donate that money themselves
The "merge close vertices" function in meshlab is a godsend for exactly my usecase- making stuff with voxels but not caring if they look like voxels at the end of the day
Little town generator is cutening up, happier and happier with the results it's producing
@lain So, Eva?I mean, SEELE (and the angels, more or less) are just a bunch of eugenecists