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Admin of the JPop Club.
Has objectively good music taste.
apparently Mozilla is using this website to tell you if your email has been compromised... very professional name
@Doomer90 @0xDEADBEEF only gablins like you think that. Welcome to the internet memeface
I tried analyzing shp's posting behavior and my conclusion is: I don't get it
@rick I should too. Still havent finished that new game
@sjw @nepfag @rin they also arent too socially awkward to meet me irl. Devs are weird
@sjw @nepfag @rin ok, now how do I force my friends to switch to mumble
@sjw @nepfag @rin >voice chat and text chat separately
discord wins again
@sjw @nepfag @rin where can Is et my pfp and where is voice chat

@Terry me: may the fittest survive this clown show
@Terry what sort of scale are you talking about here. If left vs right is capitalism vs socialism, then libertarians are far right lul. The important distinction is the social aspect which only would go authoritarian vs libertarian
@Terry I dont preach politics, I just make fun of them. And making fun of authoritarians is very easy. No matter what sort of socialist they are nowadays. Also is the term "alt lite" some term Im supposed to recognize?
@maximilia deomocratic socialism want to achieve that. Just with democracy
@maximilia democratic socialists are also still socialists to me. Though at least theyre willing to make compromises *shrug*
leftists should check out this hitler guy. Seems pretty socialist to me
>Librem5 has a 720p screen
dead on arrival
>they have the same feel in my hand
this guy about the Librem5 in comparison to the google pixel phone (while talking to the dev)

hype culture is cancer. Look at that chunky phone
@sjw @nepfag @rin I dont see a dedicated button for their "IRC" on the website *shrug*
@sjw @nepfag @rin frantech staff respons fairly quickly on discord when they arent sleeping
@sjw @nepfag @rin only $1.25?? Bruh I hope they bring this shit to the LU servers soon
>yo, wanna play some overwatch or starcraft?
>I cant, blizzard supports the chinese gov
>get a life nerd lol
@hj isnt docker just the admin version of using snaps/flatpaks?