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Hey! I'm poni. The guy^Wperson who knows your buses and trains. Market economy martyr. Wasting money and time on some computer games. Earning some on making your software broken. You can talk to me.

Lives in Praha, Czech republic now. (I mean, it's in the Czech republic now. And I live there now. Both is a subject to rather frequent change.)

@pinkponylove on Wire, phone number for Signal on request
Banning a suv (not in a city but from public roads) that has so comically flat and high front that the driver's dead angle reaches an adult person shoulders should be fairly uncontroversial.
@karen @dyske na živnostenském úřadě místní příslušnost podle mě nikdy nebyla
@anymouse_404 i don't know. it is... what it is...

poor autofocus and controls, given the form factor, so forget about any action photography, more for landscapes, buildings, maybe people, as long they don't do anything too crazy. better than your cellphone, but by how much, well, maybe not that much in the end?

in all fairness, if a 5k lens sounds like anything but the most basic kind of stuff, maybe it's not for you :)

(some sample pics with the camera and the kit lens, not very amazing indeed)
@anymouse_404 you can get the kit 18-55 (very poor one) for ~1200 czk
reminds me i have this

but no lens or battery (reusable for the replacement), would anyone want it?
fediverse as an ultra-low-effort classified ad platform
@lain @comradeagle @hardbass2k8 @mewmew @shpuld it's not like the little east germans built the entire powerplant and then just decided not to ever operate it because atomkraft bad
@hardbass2k8 @shpuld @lain i'm totally missing those ~100 extra watts of heat during every summer night, would be amazing for each night to be even hotter
I mean, all the personnel speaks Chinese, but I'd strongly assume a successful Chinese restaurant in Prague is indeed... Specific.
This is really an old fashioned pub. Goulash for 109 czk? Wow.
Learn Czech with poni.

Today's word: kunda.

Pussy. Nothing to do with kittens, lot to do with this building.
@karen looks light and still much less cramped than mine, I've been doing it wrong
Those area 51 kids have probably never heard about Mathias Rust.
@hj @piggo yeah but that means nobody can read what I write there
reselling steam keys would be kinda fun, i guess
@hj supposedly, it should be very good at racing games, precisely the kind of games i don’t really play
i have the wooting one, but i haven’t managed to use the analog functionality once, because i don’t know what for really
@hj yes, something like that, except it’s more of a magnet