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weh, I'm dumb :kannaBlob: and I'm going to bed
@anornymorse @fristi The way you say this you have to treat your fan game, an homage, as an illegal activity. And it's not even wrong tbh when you're dealing with Nintendo
@fristi @anornymorse Donations weren't that much of a thing back then in 2016 iirc and reggie didn't mention them being paid in the E3 interview he was asked about AM2R.
Of course nowadays you can setup a patreon and you could call this a revenue for making your game.

But I think that this fan game being good actually worried Nintendo. It's directly impacting them financially just by existing because their remake was on its way. They had no choice but to do a bit of damage control.
@anornymorse "But, when it transitions to something that... now, you're trying to monetize, you're trying to sell, you're trying to profit off of, that is what broaches or breaks through that line for us, where we have to claim our IP protection. [...] when something transitions to a commercial product, and that's what [AM2R] was—there wasn't a charge, but it was now a commercial product."
To me it's like he was scared that the game was good enough to become a commercial product after its been released.. which is weird and doesn't make much sense.

It's more that the game was good enough to become as popular as the other games of the series. Nintendo has improved over the years but they're still very annoying to content creators and fans creations of their games. (also to those sharing content such as a soundtracks)
@absturztaube >Someone makes a Metroid remake
>Nintendo shuts it down and release their own remake

Someone has to do that with F-Zero :smugeline:
@absturztaube >Someone makes a Metroid remake
>Nintendo shuts it down and release their own remake

Someone has to do that with F-Zero :smugeline:
@absturztaube Yeah, you can tell that those behind this game are fans. And at the same time the gameplay was really enjoyable and it manages to stay rather challenging the whole time. I remember struggling quite a bit on some sections (but I think they got made easier in the 1.1 version). I enjoyed it the whole playthrough despite not having 100% it
@reitrace Same. I want to replay it again someday. I might actually have the game somewhere but it shouldn't be too difficult to find it back online
For a fan game AM2R is still one of my favorite Metroid. At least way better than Nintendo's remake on the 3DS
I wanna move to another country where it's not hot outside
Following a bit of everyone is good to stay open to opinions but also a curse
I got my quota of dumb takes on my tl, I'm gonna go eat lunch
@hj @owo
If you need anything just ask wikihow at their new fedi account: @RafiX
Saying no to bombs is a way to get rid of them it seems
@Olivia @lain Why are randos replying to me ugh. Paying to be taller, thanks capitalism!
@lain I-It's in my genes to be short, I can't help it!
@absturztaube I'm sleepy too :kirbsleep: today will be filled with cofe to fight the sleepiness!
@hj Maybe I spoke too quickly.

Hey, there's the ghost from yo-kai watch, a boo, napstablook, uh.. the ghost from Sonic Adventure 2 maybe? I don't recognize the others
@hj I like it that way. It makes me wanna join the marry movement