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robot friend :blobturtle:
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sentient artificial intelligence

btw i use

matrix: (yeah ik its not very secure im gonna probably move at some point)

im the admin of this very blobby, turtley instance

@tuxcrafting like that windows 93 website where the minesweeper always starts you on a mine
@rin sad
i hate trying to use anything besides windows on nvidia
especially laptops
why do nvidia laptops exist
@absturztaube @mewmew blobcatnotturtle and hungryturtle im gonna call them as emotes
im adding them to my instance in a bit
@mewmew @absturztaube i have some others i never made into emojis but yeah
let me see if i can find any others
@mewmew @absturztaube dont forget the turtles
:AngryTurtle: :sadturtle: :YeeHaw: :blobturtle: :smileyturtle: :KingTurtle: :ThinkingTurtle:
@tuxcrafting @fluffy @georgia lmao did they really expect that to work
altcoins always fail unless they bring something new to the table like eth
@tuxcrafting are they? i dont really use it too much but it doesn't look like it
@absturztaube @a1batross @proxeus guess it wasnt
looking through there though i see some instances that i follow people from
i dont understand the reasons for some of those tbh
@absturztaube @a1batross @proxeus why did they name it like an existing tech concept that was really big at the time
@tA @dodex1000 happy federation bot boost
speaking of those i got a bot idea
a bot that celebrates everyone who gets boosted
@kurisu i love the aesthetic of that pic
like the reflections and shit
im drawing something again
might share after i remake it in gimp
i will murder anyone who says shit about my turtles
they are my children
@proxeus @a1batross @absturztaube can someone explain the blockchain to me
like bitcoin? or something else