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Inedo support engineer. Administrator on The Daily WTF. DFHack core team. Game dev, Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop.

:autism: :asexual_flag: :gw2:

I've been told I'm trans by the experts, and who am I to argue?

I'm bad at words; please assume anything I tell you that doesn't make sense isn't what I meant to write and ask for clarification.

Content warning abbreviation guide:
mh: mental health
ec: eye contact
-: negative
+: positive
?: quixotic

Don't call them boomers if they don't explode, causing a horde of zombies to attack you
Someone: heckFediverse: watch your fucking language
@brainblasted @hasya23 getting very offended by a wifi network named ACAB because I don't want my children knowing butt holes exist
why is Sonic 06 Fan Dub the best video I've ever watchedwhy have I watched this video 10 times in the last weekhow
Pretty much every bigoted insult kids said on the playground is just a compliment now.To prove this, I will now tell all my followers that they're gay and that they hit like a girl.
renamed my hard drive and ssd because "Local Disk" and "SSD" didn't fit with the drive letter emoticons
Hey, quick question:Does what I did to the captions work in your browser?
could people CW posts that are more than a certain heightlike, treat the CW as a subject line in that casejust so it's a little nicer to be able to boost without flooding someone's screen with a single post
@flussence @pea did walmart's social media account person really think that openly saying a customer had a rash in the store is good advertisingeven though it's clearly a lie
@socks nobody knows what SATA stands for. the first letter stands for Serial, but the rest of the letters have not yet been revealed.
@socks it's called TLS because it's The Least Secure way you should ever connect to any remote system
one of my favorite things about the #GuildWars2 story is the fact that the user interface is an unreliable narratorcountdowns can dramatically change when they're shown to be wrong by dialoguemap markers can tell you to go to entirely the wrong place until your character finds out that's the wrong placecharacter names change when your character learns their name. if the UI had some way to display pronouns, it would undoubtedly be wrong about them at some point I made this tool because people kept asking for it.basically everyone on reddit: why don't you just use this existing tool that does something unrelated and won't answer the question people had instead?
the magic ability to disguise yourself as anyone named steven
@monorail wow I wonder if anyone else in the fediverse does that
@owashii @Duende I see a strong ba in there, but it's getting vored by some linux or something
thanks to whoever defined plethora for meit means a lot
I don't understand how software update downloads are supposed to work on Windows
making gender-related shitposts runs the risk of people trying to help you understand what gender isand that's [sonic voice] no good
"what the fuck did you just say to me" but non-rhetorical
noticing that people have moved from assuming malice to assuming miscommunication which is very good 👍
:brain0: test tickle
:brain1: staging tickle
:brain2: production tickle
@amic SQL is like Bernie Sanders: very loud but if you actually pay attention it's sensible
@kaniini @alexa @nik what I'm hearing is "some people can get around the restriction with custom-built software and therefore we should remove the restriction from all existing software"
@kaniini @alexa @nikI could put my instance in whitelist-only mode right now.What exactly is your definition of a block that differs from not having someone follow you, exactly?
@kaniini @alexa @nik ... fixing the security feature is the solutionnot deleting it
@nik @alexa @kaniini mastodon does do thatother instance types ignore it, but telling mastodon to stop federating it is telling mastodon to also ignore it
@nik @alexa @kaniinibecause all I'm hearing is "Mastodon should remove blocks as a feature" unless someone can explain to me how hiding public posts from one user on another instance would work without telling that instance
@flussence sounds a lot like the "Mastodon shouldn't federate blocks" thing someone posted on the issue tracker
@BestGirlGrace @DirectorBlack:gw2_mesmer: twinning
:gw2_guardian: bdsm
:gw2_necromancer: pain play
:gw2_elementalist: I have no fucking idea