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Loves tea, GNU/linux, anime, and vegetarianism.
Voted top lewder on Niu.
Any gendered pronoun is acceptable thx

@cdmnky @kitsune You don't really "use" windows
It either does the thing, or it doesn't do the thing
Sometimes there is a program that does the thing, but it's always some third party thing that comes with some installer than also installs yahoo toolbar
>find out how to prepare for what's nextWanna know how to prepare for whats next?
Download an Ubuntu ISO and make a live USB
If you havn't played Portal
It's the best game ever made
Please play it
Very high recommendation
@cold The thing that really baffles me about this thing is that it's 150$???????????????You can get a 3DS, a system that has a massive library of great games, and doesn't just play games in black and white for that priceWhy ever buy this
@piggo @cold Why not get a gameboy pocket which is prettier and also has good games on it though
@piggo @cold I'm not gonna pull any punches here:I fucking hate this thing
@cold And if you do want something with the black and white style, a system with this very look and vibe already exists in the gameboy
So why ever get this
@lain Direct sunlight for 1 minute is too long
Good morning!
Well I had a very good 6 days off work, where I managed to not even leave the house
It was a glorious time, but todayToday I must work
CS:GO is the best game I've had the worst time inThe game it's self is so fun, but everyone in it is so mean and awful and I hate it
I guess that is one thing you could call a drink vending machine
@lain The next morning when you leave your house for work you notice there is a ring of dead birds around your house, all your windows were shattered by the "WII WOULD LIKE TO PLAY" and it totaled your car, you neighbors house's windows are all out too, thankfully they parked far enough away that their car only had it's front window broken
@lain It's so powerful when u press the power button all the lights go off in your house and a sonic boom is emited from the disk tray while booming speakers nearly burst your ear drums to say "WII WOULD LIKE TO PLAY. WELCOME TO NINTENDO WII" your neighbors call for a noise complaint but you can't hear the phone. They try to come to your house to knock on the door but the sonic waves being emitted from your wii are pushing them out of your yard and onto the ground
@RaiRu Wow that is a really good feature tho
I gotta get back on steam
@RafiX @newt @usdcollector I went to a friends house in the summer of 2017 and he wanted me to beat Mega Man 2 for him for some reason it was for some trophy thing or something
And I beat Mega Man 2 for him on his PS4 while pounding down some BREWSKIES and I kept having this problem of pressing the little pad thing in the middle instead of start every time and it drove me ape shit crazy
@usdcollector @newt I really really dislike the PS4 gamepad honestly
The start button is way too close to that pad thing in the middle, I dislike the d-pad and then sticks are in a bad position
Lum was born in 1967
Lum is older than my mom
@adamk678 They both have ads, so I wouldn't bother with either
Everyday that goes on, I'm more and more surprised that FM radio exists.People rag on TV, about how TV is obviously dying, it's best years are behind it
But Radio should have died like a decade ago
@lain As someone who knows English I can confirm that this girl is the final boss of English
@lain As a numbers this progressions pleases me
Idea: A website where the 404 page just instantly redirects to a random page on the site, in the hopes that it was the one you were looking for
@lain Leave Wii U alone he did nothing wrong
@lain @Olivia They are called "twats" or something like that weird name considering the slang meaning
@rye @lain Nothing goes better together than icy ranch dressing, chinese food, and a nice hot glass of milk
@Ocean I mean seriously look at how long this fucking cat is