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Rust developer. Involved in Kibou development. Admin of Occasional speerunner.
While I was gone, this instance hit a weird error and ran out of disk space. I am working on it.
@rick Rich media has been causing issues since it was introduced into Pleroma, but I'm glad I could help :)
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we are actually very close to getting to where we need to eviscerate proprietary social platforms and their data abuses.

the work going into Pleroma 2.0 and Mastodon 3.x and all the other fediverse software will give us the solid foundation of consent we need to make it happen.

this isn't financial advice but it's getting close to time to short facebook stock.

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@patrickmcurry not trying to toot my own horn, but I've been in a couple of interviews about this now, because I'm actively studying the space and writing about it.

Some early history of these kinds of networks and what they are today:

Some of the history between Diaspora and the networks that came after:

Please don't take my Kodachrome away
Oh, apparently notifications are only created for incoming activities, not for manuayll pulled ones. Let's change that.
@lain Congrats, you look like a teenage girl now.
Deployed the latest updates on kodachrome dot club
@ashen You can on every Mastodon-API client, but sadly not on Raito-FE yet.
Looks like tea for one, again 🎵
@tuxcrafting I am using TOML for configuration, it's really simple, also for non-technical people.
@succfemboi @proxeus

Huh? I've been working on the same codebase since February. Maybe you're mixing me up with Tuxcrafting, who's rewriting his project in C++
@proxeus Well my server is written in Rust
#np Kevin Gilbert - Back In N.Y.C
@succfemboi Despite that, it's missing some features that I would like to see in future versions. It's just that nobody has implemented them yet. :)
@succfemboi I've had some latency issues with Rocket, but not with Diesel so far.
Maybe I should contribute to, it's a neat library
>Time difference

Oh lain, have you used the PhoneWave(name subject to change) again?
Sorry for the timeouts, apparently another process on this server (not related to Kibou) ate 100% CPU
@rin How are car drivers suppose to read these tiny numbers in the distance
@tuxcrafting SERN's only interest is to archieve human time travel.
@calv I once did that with Japanese. But at some point, I couldn't find the option to reset it :D
@witti Noch nicht auf der Standard-Oberfläche, nur über Tusky usw.
@snacks Probably nothing, as will never make a POST request to your inbox :D
@pea Not as often as it would probably be healthy, but sometimes I do feel happy/satisfied with me.
@cdmnky Because that image is hosted on my Pleroma instance which doesn't work at the moment
Making a lot of changes (pooled connections, caching improvements), now I have to resolve all the nightmare of shared state managed by Rocket. But in the end this is gonna speed Kibou up a lot.