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Rust developer. Involved in Kibou development. Admin of Occasional speerunner.
@succfemboi @snacks

You're probably only following me and not snacks. So after I replied, it federated my reply to your inbox. Therefore your Pleroma pulled-in the whole thread.
@cdmnky I have never heard of her until now
Godot is not based on Go, how sad
I am a simple person. I see gay, I click.
Using Nobuo Uematsu songs to represent all my various moods
Apparently they used Marc Martels' voice for the Bohemian Rhapsody movie
Is this the real life?

Or, is this Final Fantasy?
@epicmorphism I had some issues with my old VPS provider, I already transferred all data to a new Hetzner root server but I haven't set everything up yet :)
>[Drake unhappy]

[Drake happy] VIM Master race my dudes
Next year: Kibou running on top of Teemex
Will be released as the Toromino Bundle on Humble Bundle
I really start feeling like a GNUSocial user
All these custom emojis I can't even see, because Kibou doesn't handle custom emojis :D
@maximilia Tomorotatino or something like that
@lain "Thank you all for coming to GSCon"
@lain Loved it and anything's better than Discovery (feel free to disagree)
@Feuerfuchs I was gone for some time and I haven't resumed my regular fediverse activity yet
@lucy Ah also Mal wieder Profitgenerierung auf den Rücken denjeniger die wirklich glauben, dass die Mittel ihnen helfen
Wait, there are blobfox emojis now. That's dope.
Weshalb darf man unwirksame Medikamente (Homöopathie) überhaupt als Medikamente vermarkten
>listening to Russian Hard Bass with my Russian buddies
>turning the Bass in my friend's car to the maximum "+15"
>Some German code comments
>Some English code comments
>CamelCase for some variables
>snake_case for some variables
>SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE for some classes

Have you ever seen a more cursed code
@lucy I will fix it once I have time to do it.
Sorry I'm not coming to your party, you didn't invite enough women
#np Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Party Boys
@fence You've been to Germany and didn't even visit me?
Future proletarians will have UUIDs instead of individual names