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Involved in Kibou development. Admin of
@tuxcrafting SERN's only interest is to archieve human time travel.
@calv I once did that with Japanese. But at some point, I couldn't find the option to reset it :D
@witti Noch nicht auf der Standard-Oberfläche, nur über Tusky usw.
@snacks Probably nothing, as will never make a POST request to your inbox :D
@pea Not as often as it would probably be healthy, but sometimes I do feel happy/satisfied with me.
@cdmnky Because that image is hosted on my Pleroma instance which doesn't work at the moment
Making a lot of changes (pooled connections, caching improvements), now I have to resolve all the nightmare of shared state managed by Rocket. But in the end this is gonna speed Kibou up a lot.
@rick Hey @rin Would you happen to know what's wrong? I've switched from an older develop commit to 1.0.0 on CybreClub and now none of the endpoints work. There are no errors, according to the logs Cowboy even seems to be listening on
@rick Thanks I now have output again. According to the logs, everything starts up fine, but nothing happens if I try accessing the endpoints. Hmm.
Apparently updating Pleroma to 1.0 on CybreClub broke it. Compiling Pleorma and starting the Erlang VM goes perfectly fine, but there's no output from Pleroma or Phoenix whatsoever.
Him: "Do it immediately!"
Me: (it's taking more than 15s)
Finally moving anything into pooled connections.
Gonna invite @blyat to some McDonalds
@maximilia Es gibt Unterschiede zwischen Selbständigen, Freiberuflern und Freelancern. Aber im Endeffekt geht es in die Richtung, ja.
I'm quite glad Source Games work natively on Linux
@lain It's only been a few days of Gab federating, and they're already doing a good job at getting the rest of the federation to hate them
has shared

> give people months, years of your free time, for free, as a gift
> get barely any thanks
> write one line of code they don't like

oh well, it's still worth it for the people who appreciate it.

I am not sure why Postgres being IDLE uses so much CPU
I feel like I should refactor the ActivityPub module before v0.1.
@dtluna But I'm gonna join again, once I am on my machine
@absturztaube Noch keinen Account? Heute das schlechte Wissen bereinigen und einen erstellen ^^
@lanodan Wow there are people in this society who disagree with you, surprise surprise
@hoergen Mastodon hat OStatus übrigens bereits entfernt, wer den Master Branch nutzt hat bereits kein OStatus Support mehr. Warum es nun so eilig sein musste kann ich auch nicht nachvollziehen, da aber vermutlich die meisten Relationships Bei Mastodon bereits über ActivityPub liefen, sah Gargron vermutlich keinen Sinn mehr dahinter OStatus zu unterstützen.
@lain I don't think I get that Mastodon Blocking Culture. I can see why a few admins wanted to leave.
Okay so API requests seem to be working fine again, I have tuned my postgres a little
Fell asleep on hotel bed upon arrival, time to do something now
@eal Probably not, it's just a niche software :^)
@lain @godzilla
>checked lain's background info
>found out he's developing a social network
>"ok let's get that blocked"

Your favourite fediverse instance, blocked in China