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@tuxcrafting zucky wucky is what the football team called Zuckerberg in high school
@Dcfromseattle >gab is broken
not a surprise, just join another server, gab is probably the worst fediverse implementation there is
@tuxcrafting how do I join a better server? It's not that easy for someone who built the highways you are currently standing on
@Dcfromseattle well you go to the instance you want to sign up on, you register an account, and bam you have an account on another instance
also are you implying gab invented the fediverse? because the fedi is around since years, gab just joined a few months ago
@tuxcrafting okay nerd, you obviously don't have a real job but I do. Pull your head out of your ass. Do you get water to your domicile? When you flush your toilet, does your s*** go elsewhere? It's guys like me that make that happen. You're welcome, bitch
@Dcfromseattle @tuxcrafting I have a real job: I put fluoride in all the drinking water
@epi @tuxcrafting fluoride isn't for the drinking water it's to keep the old pipes from bursting lead into the system, you don't know a damn thing
@Dcfromseattle @epi dude what. fluoride is an oxidizer, putting it in lead pipes would only make more lead go in the water. and fluoride /is/ for the drinking water, since in small amounts it's good for dental health
@tuxcrafting @Dcfromseattle Mr D, don’t listen to tuxcrafting-kun, he is a Mossad agent
@tuxcrafting @epi it's ridiculous to say that American have better teeth because fluoride was put in the water, I wish they would put liberty in the water and then I would stop complaining
@epi @tuxcrafting I'm a mossad agent, and we are a bunch of assholes, don't worry. The mossad mountain isn't going anywhere. There will always be assholes, there will always be dicks, and there will always be pussies. Dicks fug assholes as well as pussies, trust me when I say you want dicks around, so do the assholes and pussies