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Brutaldon is slow as molasses
I just wanted to try out Kibou

Don't follow me
While I was gone, this instance hit a weird error and ran out of disk space. I am working on it.
@rin @lanodan Gablins are sick in the head! Zero chance of recovery!
@rick Rich media has been causing issues since it was introduced into Pleroma, but I'm glad I could help :)
Please don't take my Kodachrome away
Oh, apparently notifications are only created for incoming activities, not for manuayll pulled ones. Let's change that.
@lain Congrats, you look like a teenage girl now.
Deployed the latest updates on kodachrome dot club
@ashen You can on every Mastodon-API client, but sadly not on Raito-FE yet.
Fedi has a much different feel in Raito-FE too ;-)
I wish I could like this status :(
Looks like tea for one, again 🎵
@tuxcrafting I am using TOML for configuration, it's really simple, also for non-technical people.
@succfemboi @proxeus

Huh? I've been working on the same codebase since February. Maybe you're mixing me up with Tuxcrafting, who's rewriting his project in C++
@proxeus Well my server is written in Rust
#np Kevin Gilbert - Back In N.Y.C
@succfemboi Despite that, it's missing some features that I would like to see in future versions. It's just that nobody has implemented them yet. :)
@succfemboi I've had some latency issues with Rocket, but not with Diesel so far.
Maybe I should contribute to, it's a neat library
>Time difference

Oh lain, have you used the PhoneWave(name subject to change) again?
Sorry for the timeouts, apparently another process on this server (not related to Kibou) ate 100% CPU
@rin How are car drivers suppose to read these tiny numbers in the distance
@tuxcrafting SERN's only interest is to archieve human time travel.
@calv I once did that with Japanese. But at some point, I couldn't find the option to reset it :D
@witti Noch nicht auf der Standard-Oberfläche, nur über Tusky usw.